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I will love you Goliath til the day after forever.......
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10 Oct 2014
This afternoon at 2:30 my baby girl Gidget will be joining Goliath as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge. My fiercely independent girl began to have problems using her back legs again. A few years ago she began having pain in her legs so we took her to the vet and found a treatment that worked for
her. She's been pain free since then and still is now. A few weeks ago she became very unstable on her legs resulting in her not being able to get herself back up without our help. On Monday her left front leg also became unstable so I haven't left her side.
It breaks my heart to see her like this and know her so well. Though her appetite is good I know in my heart my independent little girl can't possibly be enjoying herself any longer. Her days have been filled with lots of love, support, sunshine as my hubby and I have prepared ourselves for this. We love her enough to let her go though it is beyond sad for us. We have always taken care of Gidget well and looked out for what is in her best interest. And that includes this decision as well. So it is with great sadness I say "goodbye for now" to my Gidgie Girl. Soon she'll be running once again like a gazelle whole and free. I will love her til the day after forever!! wub.gif
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28 Jul 2009
Dear LS Members,

It's been quite some time since I last visited LS. Though it's been nearly two years since my sweet Goliath passed away, not a day goes by that I don't think of him many times over.

Some of you may have heard of the monumental task that it took to rescue over 100 chihuahuas in Dearborn, Michigan. Others of you may not have. The link is posted at the bottom of this page for those of you who wish to read about this. I must warn you that the story is more than sad as more chihuahuas were found dead than alive. The shelter is in desperate need of money to help cover the enormous expenses it is incurring to provide the necessary care for all of these sweet little darlings that have survived.

If any of you can find it in your hearts to send any money donation to this shelter in Dearborn, it would be greatly appreciated. The shelter is way over their capacity and lack the funds and room to keep them all. They have had over 100 adoption applicants, including myself, to help these chi angels. My prayer is that all of these little ones find a good and happy home.

If you wish to send a donation, please send to the following address:

Dearborn Animal Shelter
2661 Greenfield Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48120

Check made payable to "Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter" wub.gif

Here is one of the links to this story: AGAIN THE CONTENTS MAY BE VERY UPSETTING. Love and peace to each and every one of you!

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23 Jan 2009
Several days ago, my Gidget vomitted during the middle of the night. The next morning she seemed alright after breakfast. She went to work with my hubby like usual, but seemed less lively than usual. On the way home from work she began to get sick from both ends. Later in the evening she refused any food or water, so the next morning we took her to see the vet. She's been on IV fluids, antibotics, and pain meds. The doc says she has pancreatitus that seems to have been triggered by an unknown parasite. This has also caused a heart murmur she didn't have before. Gidget has no control at all over her bowels and as fast as the water runs through her it comes out her other end, mixed with blood. Her condition is weak tonight, but stable. In the morning, my hubby and I are going to see her with the hopes of trying to coax her into eating something so a stool sample can be taken. We've done all we can and the doc has too. The rest is left in God's hands.

My Gidgie girl is the most precious little sweetheart. Her sweeter side never came out until after Goliath passed away, when she mourned for him right along with me for months. When we brought Browser home this last spring, the very best side of Gidget came out that surprised us all. She adopted him as her own and they haven't been separated since the day they met. Browser is looking all over for her and I'm sure she's wondering where we are right now. I called the hospital just before I came on tonight for an update and her condition hasn't changed. I asked if they'd put extra blankies with her because she loves to burrow under the covers. The powerlessness I am feeling right now is almost unbearable because there is nothing more I can do to help her, except pray for her recovery.

Dear friends, please leave your thoughts and prayers for my Gidgie Girl. The last time I posted a topic about her was this last May when she had a tumor in her face. I believe in the power of prayer and know many of you prayed for her then and I am asking you again to do the same. Not for me........but for her. I need to see her run down the stairs again on her two front feet with her back legs hiked up high and make me laugh. I need to see her rough housing with baby brother Browser. I need to see her well and happy again. When I crawl into bed tonight, I know I will miss her grrrrrrrrrr when she is disturbed under the covers. I want that lump under the covers right back where it belongs.

Thank you all for listening. I feel better having typed this out before I lay down to sleep for the night.

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27 Nov 2008
Here's wishing each and every one of you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. May you be blessed with the company of those you love so much. Today I will rejoice in the love and laughter of my family and friends and give thanks for all I love and for what I have been given.

Much love to all on this very special day,
5 Nov 2008
A year ago at this time all felt good and right in my life. Little did I know that in less than 8 hours my world would come to an abrupt end as I knew it and Goliath's would ascend to another. Sometimes it seems so long ago, while other times it seems like yesterday. I yearn for his sweet kisses, cuddles, and playful little self.

Without Goliath's never dying love, I never would have understood the full meaning of what love and living is all about. He made me want to be a better me. Goliath's aura shines around me each and every day. His sweet memories of the life we lived together are embedded in my soul. His fire and zest for life roar in my spirit and comfort my heart.

Just as I promised Goliath, I have nourished his loving spirit and kept him alive in me and all around me. Though I have been blessed many times over in my life, Goliath was the greatest blessing of all. He taught me more about compassion of the heart, wisdom of the mind, and how to live in peace and harmony. For the rest of my days in this world, I will give thanks to Goliath for enriching my life so much. Though I will always cherish the past and dream of tomorrow, today is what I live for. I've learned to not sweat the small stuff and let go of worries. Today I will dance in love and laughter and squeeze the best out of life because tomorrow may not come.

As I contemplate the time of 3:31 a.m. and remember it was the exact time Goliath's body and soul separated, I will close my eyes and give thanks for having had the privilege of sharing Goliath's life with him.

The angels sang
January twenty fifth nineteen hundred and ninety seven
When God's own hand
Sent you to me straight from heaven

Thank you Goliath
For all you gave to me
Your unselfish love
And your company

You filled my days
With complete happiness and joy
Yes Goliath
You were always such a special good boy

We were joined by our hearts
From the day we met
You were so much more to me
Than just my pet

You left this earth
November sixth two thousand and seven
And went to live with our Lord and Savior
In heaven

Though you came to me
By God's own hand
He took you home to live
With Him again

You were only sent
For me to borrow
And your absence leaves me
With such great sorrow

And even though
We are apart
You will forever
Remain in my heart

One thing I know
With certainty
Is that we'll reunite
In eternity

But until then
You'll remain in my heart
My forever
Best friend

Sleep well
My precious angel
I will love you til
The day after forever
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