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29 Jul 2008
It's hard to believe that it's been two years now since I let my boy go...
Still thinking about you and missing you everyday Simba.
24 Dec 2007
He only wants to play video games all day.
Guess I'll just have to clean his room for him tongue.gif
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11 Dec 2007
Sucks according to Simba tongue.gif
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6 Dec 2007
This one woman let her boyfriend give up her cat to the local HS... He must be one heck of a guy... I dated a woman once, after about 2 weeks, that told me to get rid of Simba... I got rid of her instead. The girls go before the cat!

Girlfriends/Boyfriends come and go...
Our furry companions are FOREVER.

Here is what my friend from the HS told me in an email:


I worked last Friday but didn't do any adoptions. Several "cat" intakes - one "dumbo" guy brought his girlfriend's black cat in to the shelter. Reason for surrender: The guy thought the cat was too friendly, didn't like the cat rubbing against him for attention - AND this strange guy said, "well, this cat is eating too much food." The poor cat was very friendly and not overweight at all. I set him up in the cat area and gave him extra food. Hopefully he will make it through the system, but you never know. Sometimes animals get stressed out after being given up and don't pass "eval."


I am so tempted to tell her that I want to adopt this cat. I only wish I knew that Simba would approve.

If you have more than one cat how did they do when you brought a new one home after one has been in your home for a while? Does it matter if you have 2 males or should it be male/female? Would 2 males want to fight?
5 Dec 2007
When you open your home to a new cat, especially one that has abused before finding you, then you know it can take time to gain the full trust of your furbaby.

Simba #1, I had him since he was born so he was always a lap cat for me.

But when I brought Simba #2 home from the HS he seemed a bit nervous. He was good with people because he was fostered but I think he was abused by the people that gave him up to the shelter. (I am so thankful they did turn him into the shelter).

Simba would always sit by me but never really got that close. He always wanted to get near me but I could never get him to lay on my lap like I wanted him to... this went on for about a little over a year...

Then one day a couple weeks ago I was sitting at my computer and the next thing I know Simba jumps into my lap and lays down and starts purring. I never froze for so long, not wanting to ruin the moment. We sat together and I petted him for about 20 mintues before he jumpped back down. Now he "visits" me while I am working at my computer just about every day. He even does it while I am sitting at the couch and watching TV... he has become such the affectionate lap kitty smile.gif

If you have a kitty that is hesitant to sit on your lap or come close to you it is possible to gain their trust and turn them into a lap cat like I did with Simba. Here are some pointers...

- First of all, just because your cat won't sit in your lap doesn't mean he/she doesn't like you.

- Never force your cat to sit on your lap. He/she will only fight and squirm to get back down and then be afraid to get to close to you again.

- If you don't live alone you should be the one that your cat sees putting down his/her food and water.

- Never yell or raise your voice at your cat so that it gets scared from the sound of your voice.

- Instead of punishing/scolding your cat for the bad things done try to only concentrate on rewarding for the good things. Cat treats work great biggrin.gif

- Take some time every day to play with your cat with his/her favorite toy. I can't remember very many, if any at all, days of no play sessions with Simba. What is Simba's favorite toy? A long piece of string and I just run around the house dragging it behind me and he chases it. Keeps us both in shape wink.gif

- Whenever your cat comes close to you to play or be pet say his/her name in a loud (but not loud enough to scare them) cheerful voice so your cat knows you are happy to play and pet him/her. Everytime Simba would come by me looking at me like he's saying "hey, here I am play with me!" I would say "Simba Wimba!!!" in a loud cheerful voice and he looks at me and seems to be smiling while purring.

- Most important, when the day finally comes where your cat jumps on your lap you will be very excited about it. But you should not hold him/her at all and be sure to let them down whenever they want no matter how short of time they are on your lap. Laptime will increase...

I think I got everything...
If anyone else has any input on turning your cat into a lap cat please feel free to add it here smile.gif

Here is a picture I was able to get with my cellphone. I was lucky enough to have it near me so I could reach it when Simba sat on my lap today.
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