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Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission -- to be of service to them wherever they require it. ~ St. Francis of Assisi
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18 Apr 2009
If you're relying on/buying these awful 'food' products (yes, of COURSE including so-called prescription 'foods'!) & thinking you're doing your furkids a favor, you're not only feeding them utter garbage, and by your own free choice making them sick(er).....but you're ALSO supporting the funding for the ongoing torture of other innocent animals by these mega-companies. Read and wake up to:

What's REALLY in Pet Food, and Who Owns Which Pet Food Companies. If you don't believe that these major corporations are involved in animal testing, and on all sorts of fronts, not just limited to the ugliness of their methods for pet food testing, see this and this list and do a "find" (Control "F") on some of the ones mentioned in the above article.

Honestly.....it's in EVERY 'pet' parent's, and certainly in their animal's best interests, to not try and kid yourself about these facts. They've been well-documented for several YEARS already, so there's little excuse for not knowing about them by now. dry.gif How much more documentation do you really need? (just take a gander at the references and footnotes)

Just THINK of all the suffering that could be avoided, for both animals and humans.....

17 Apr 2009
"Being on a learning edge can be signaled by feelings of annoyance, anger, anxiety, surprise, confusion, or defensiveness. These reactions are signs that our way of seeing things is being challenged. If we retreat to our comfort zone, by dismissing whatever we encounter that does not agree with our way of seeing the world, we lose an opportunity to expand our understanding."*
*Adams, M; L.A. Bell; and P. Griffin. Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice: A Sourcebook. pg 68.

This quote is what ENDS one of the articles I'll provide links to, but it was so accurate an observation, I wanted to BEGIN this post with it. I've been on this board, on and off, for around 4 years now (since June/05), and have seen time and again numerous animals sick &/or dying of various dis-eases, and their people then having to suffer horrible confusion, grief and guilt as a result. My topic ti tle is meant to be taken EITHER way, once you read this woman's webpage and other articles.

What has frustrated me no end is knowing, through the course of what my own kids, my own spirit and my kids' 2 holistic-minded vets taught me about saner thinking/treating &/or management of illness, that the bulk of such dis-eases are either truly preventable &/or infinitely treatable and curable by various methods and approaches that are currently non-mainstream (but now more swiftly growing, at least within certain circles). I've tried to maintain hope that I could do my own part in helping to re-educate others in a similar fashion to how I learned, with my ultimate goal geared towards 2 things:

1.) Helping the animals themselves not have to live with so many illnesses &/or behavioral problems, and

2.) Saving animal parents from having to even end up here as soon or as often as they might otherwise, and thereby enjoy an even longer and higher-quality lifetime with their fur-children.

I've tried to approach this from several angles, and have posted many informative articles and links to this end (not as many as I have, personally, but a good number nonetheless), hoping those already here as well as any newcomers would find, read them, continue their own learning, and thereby find more hope & resources, both for their companions still on this earthly plane and for any new adoptees that may come. This was my larger vision....and one that was wholly tied into providing a meaningful legacy of what my own kids, Nissa and Sabin, went through and thereby taught me, for the ultimate good of The All. In essence, if not for them, I never would have expanded my mind in the various ways I have. If not for what Sabin taught me, his sister, Nissa, would not have been the beneficiary of my further learning. And most importantly for me since her transition, if not for Nissa having continued to open me up and show me that my efforts were not in vain while she was here, I would not have even evolved with this vision in the first place.

What has all this got to do with this post on dog and cat nutrition?, you might ask. Well, to be blunt, I'm sadly worn out, because for the most part I feel the bulk of these efforts and the information I've provided has been ignored, in favor of the same-old, same-old, status quo thinking, a state wherein I no longer feel comfortable. In fact, it's downright painful. I feel I have for the most part failed in my personal mission here to help others avoid unnecessary pain, and worse, that in effect so too has one large part of my kids' legacy failed. It seems to me that Nissa's whole story (in particular, of my 2 beloveds) has not proved the same, valid points to others here, as it had to me, and that is not only breaking my heart all the more, but it feels like an affront to all they both stood and lived for.

Like anyone, I will always need 'continuing education' on all unfolding fronts, and even though I wasn't able to avail myself (and my girl) of the ultimate BEST info. there is now, because some didn't even exist at the time, I did utilize much of what WAS known then (given our own constraints/logistics), knowing much more would be forthcoming after it was 'too late' for her. ...as it will always be as our knowledge base increases. So I didn't do it all, but I did plenty, and wasn't content to sit idly by and allow mainstream thinking to dictate what happened to my babies. I will never want any of those kinds of regrets or guilts to plague me if I can help it....the kinds that were well within my power and responsibility to avoid to the best of my ability as I continued to learn. In retrospect, I think I did pretty well on those fronts, especially with my girl. But my learning is still an ongoing affair, for as long as I have a working brain and mind. I'd hoped others would have felt & thought similarly, but on the whole, unfortunately that does not have seemed to be the case, and after all this time, I feel like I'm doing nothing more than spinning my wheels here.

And so I offer, for what may well be the last time, a very informative link to this OTHER woman's well-researched and pretty exhaustive information site on one of the ultimate and most basic and important 'tools' we have within our means, to help undo all the unnecessary damage that's been created in our furchildren's bodies -- that being THEIR DIET. While she focuses mainly on dogs, cats are also included in her dissemination, and the same, basic ideas apply to them as well, although you should ALSO read more about cats' needs in particular through her other links and various other sources. It also goes w/o saying you should also be working with a holistic vet who already has knowledge of optimum dietary needs for animals. There are a large number of related links this woman provides (some are no longer working, unfortunately...but you can probably dig around to find them elsewhere), absolutely ALL of which I'd suggest as ongoing reading, so as to get as complete a picture as possible. If you DO read them all, you'll have a very expanded, working knowledge (& resource/support groups) yourself, of this and many related topics, from which to step off in your own re-education. If you don't.....I refer back to the quote I borrowed (above) from the end of one of her articles, as well as reminding you that there are common-sense REASONS why animals are so ill today. As with anything, you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. You can spend your money on excessive, allopathic vet bills and drugs to attempt to mitigate the bad effects of unnatural foods and treatments and thereby cause even MORE problems, or you can use it to attend to the underlying causes of dis-ease in the first place. As the author of these articles says...."it's up to you", and "since when does convenience replace the welfare of our pets!?" If this last question brings up any of the discomforts referred to in the beginning quote, then congratulations!!.....that means you're ready to move beyond them by questioning your own practices and beliefs about what you do/don't do, regarding your animals' lives. In other words, what DO you really believe your animal companions deserve?

In a similarly backward fashion, I'm listing her "conclusion" article first, simply because it provides a good, general overview of what are usually the most common aversions to feeding a raw, whole food diet in the first place, with appropriate info. to answer to such myths. "An Honest, Candid Conclusion to the Myths Pages", by Carissa Kuehn. The second article of hers on myths you should read is "Vets are Thoroughly Qualified to Dispense Nutritional Advice. As an adjunct for a start on info. about cats and natural diets, please also see this page from Blakkatz, The Truth about Dry Cat Food. (Michelle Bernard also offers natural health consultations from her home in North Carolina....as a caveat, though, I don't agree with her breeding more cats...not until "they all have homes"...)

For the complete index of Carissa Kuehn's articles, please see The Current Myth List on her Home Page (you can get to this from any of her articles, too, by clicking on "Home"), where you will also find her 'library' of related articles and other websites.
13 Apr 2009
I am wondering how others view such possible scenarios.

Please feel free to add additional commentary or explanations, either pro or con, on any of these choices.
9 Apr 2009
I'm so used to such perspectives by now, that I often forget that others may not have had the same learning benefits I'd had, so here is a good excerpt I found on another board that may help many of you who've had to witness their beloved one(s) suffering in some way.

From George Anderson's Walking in the Garden of Souls, Chapter 4, "Life in the Garden -- The Souls Want to Tell You":

Through so many sessions I have had with families, where the very fiber of their resolve has been tested by difficult circumstances both they and their loved ones endured on the earth, the souls have continued to state emphatically that there are no accidental circumstances on the earth. ... There is a specific reason why we have to suffer, or have to watch helplessly while a loved one suffers. No matter how much we think we could have changed the circumstance of the passing of a loved one, the souls tell us that we do not have that kind of control over the Infinite Light. ... We cannot, and we do not have that power, nor would we want it if we really thought things through. If we could understand from the perspective of the souls in the hereafter, then we would know that nothing that happens on the earth is meaningless to the story of our journey here, and everything has a purpose, even if it can't be immediately seen by us. There are no victims on the earth -- only students, who by their circumstance are fulfilling an important part of their life lesson by enduring whatever this lifetime has thrown in their path.... It is only the people who have suffered on the earth, through loss or circumstance, that truly understand what the souls are trying to say. Earth is a complex series of experiences designed to test our faith, our endurance, and our capacity to give and receive love. Some are joyful experiences, but many are tough, and it is up to us to decide whether we will use the time we have to our best advantage or fritter away the experiences, having learned nothing of value from them. No matter when the time comes in our lives, at the time it is necessary for us to graduate out of our existence here, our circumstance of passing is chosen to have the greatest impact on both our own spiritual lessons and the lessons of those around us. No matter what the circumstance, whether through illness or "accident" or at the hands of another -- the circumstance of our passing is only the vehicle that transports us from this dimension to the next one.

I have always found it curious that the souls never seem to spend too much time detailing the manner of their passing during a session, and seem to only relay the pertinent facts as a way of proving to their loved ones that they were aware of the circumstance. We tend to regard the moment of death as a monumental tragedy, but the souls regard it as merely the transition to their new life in the hereafter. I didn't realize until I was told by the souls that the circumstance of passing was really not an important step in the story of the soul's transition -- it is just the manner into which they were transported to a new life. Ask any married couple about their wedding, and while they can tell you in minute detail about that wonderful day, very few will even remember the ride to the church. If the souls spend any time at all communicating the details of their passing, it is usually because they want to give us the respect of reenacting a major moment in our life -- their passing to the hereafter. Otherwise, like their physical bodies, the last moments of their time on earth are no longer of any consequence to the souls -- what they have now is all they need. One very resourceful young soul in the hereafter helped both myself and her sister understand the concept through her ana logy: She asked us to "imagine being slapped and pulled physically from a ratty apartment, then shoved hard into a beautiful palace. Once you see that you got a beautiful palace out of the deal, who cares what it took to get you there?"

People who have had the hard experience of watching a loved one suffer have a very difficult time finding any value in what the souls insist is one of this lifetime's greatest learning experiences. Most cannot find any benefit whatever in having to stand by idly, unable to help, knowing that there is nothing they can do, and feel that suffering is the final insult their loved one will have to face before dying. In fact, many people I have spoken to throughout the years have found the experience of their loved one's suffering (and their own, witnessing it) to be among the cruelest, incomprehensible events of life. But the souls have often said that not only was the "momentary" (in the soul's eyes) suffering a quick, final, worthwhile experience that brought them great spiritual reward in the hereafter, the experience of having watched helplessly as they suffered will prove to be a great spiritual lesson for us on the earth. The souls tell us that the very act of caring and waiting and watching -- and not completely abandoning our hope -- is one of the most spiritual of the lessons we will ever learn. They also, without fail, will tell their families that great progress in each member's own spiritual journey has been made, because they have survived -- they have lived through the torment and agony, and yet still continue to live as best they can after falling so hard. ... And they tell us that not only is it incumbent upon us to accept that there was a reason (and a very good one) for all the suffering we and they endured, but experiencing the difficult times and living on here provides perhaps the greatest lesson of our lifetime -- to rebuild hope after it has been shattered.
1 Apr 2009
Okay, toooo cute! "What a big EARRRRRRRR you have, Mr. Wolf....er, I mean, Mr. Fox."
All the more to get GROOMED, my dear!

The cat music playing in the background, I have myself -- "Catmas Carols". Never did play them more than once, though, cuz neither Nissa nor Sabin appreciated getting the bejeezers scared outta them with the sudden influx of dozens of "interlopers" invading their OWN HOME and being just as loud as THEY were!

Also check out the OTHER great vids that come up after this one....the Cat in the Bag one is another snorter.....this guy must be practicing his OTHER navigational skills! laugh.gif And he's xlnt. at it! (me, I used to whip those too-small paper bags (or whatever offending object) right off my kids' heads as soon as they got even the least bit uncomfortable with them....who knew how CALM a cat might be???) Cats First Snowfall is another hoot.

(but careful....if you go backwards instead, there are some rather 'naughty' ones...no, I didn't look, just saw the ti tles and quickly backed up again! ohmy.gif )
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