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“Never forget me, because if I thought you would, I'd never leave.”
A.A Milne

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
A. A. Milne

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49 years old
Sydney Australia
Born Aug-13-1970
Cats, dogs, surfski, reading, Family history, Australian History. Anywhere in the bush will do me. I also play the Violin.
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31 Dec 2011
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!
So here i am again. Oliver (Blue point Ragdoll) finally arrived on thursday the 22nd Of Dec. I have to say that i seem to have such bad luck with new kitties! Oliver came home from
the breeders with Cat flu! can you believe it? The breeder at the time said he "just had a scratch or something in his eye" HUH!!! been there done that......There was no way i was leaving
the little mite in her hands!! I feel so very sorry for all the other kittens and new litters that had just been born....they will recieve no treatment..oh wait yes they will..she uses older medication laying around
to treat them.. So anyway Ollie had his first vet visit on his first day home.....antibiotics and cream for his eyes and now he is as good as new! Purely evil when he gets going! On the other hand sadly my 14 'year old outdoor moggy now has the same symptoms...ahhh i can't win ...so it's off to the vets for her too! sadly with her kidney and old age problems behind her i really don't think she will make it. I guess that's my "they go in three's moment" for me. Anyway Ollie has settled in very nicely....It's funny how every now and then he does something that sooo reminds me of my Romeo....bitter sweet moments occasionally but like you have all said to me.....i will never ever forget Romeo and will learn to love the new one for his own little self. Iv'e not yet begun to grieve over Ben who we lost a few weeks ago. That's just to raw for me to deal with now.....i know in time i will but until then he tucked away in a little corner of my heart.. Ok well i guess id best leave it all on a happy note.....so Happy New Year to all of you and give your furbabies and families lots of *hugs*.***xx
Gab ******
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29 Nov 2011
Hi everyone...i hope i haven't posted this pic in the wrong forum.....forgive me if i have.
Today i lost my beautiful "Mad as a cut " Boxer Ben. Sadly he wandered into the path of my husbands van as he was going to work this morning and was killed almost instantly.

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28 Nov 2011
Hi everyone....I can't believe that i am back on this forum so soon. I lost my cat romeo 4 months ago and have only just begun to heal.
This morning my husband tragically ran over our beautiful 11 year old boxer "Ben". How can this happen again??? Why does everything we have get taken from us
in such cruel ways? I'm wondering if anyone could give me some wise words to pass on to him, as his grief is so deep right now that i am afraid for his mental health.
Has anyone been through such a terrible thing before? I myself am numb...i must seem so damn cold to everyone but i just can't cry.....im not sure how i feel at the moment
Im still trying to deal with the loss of my Romeo, iv'e been trying to block it all out and now this????
I know my husband is going to have the image of Ben lying there and that's one the hardest things to overcome. My son who is 16 also saw what happend and responded with anger...he is
still angry....he too has only just come to terms with our cat not being here anymore. I guess i am just wanting advice on dealing with my husband's very raw grief. I myself can block things out for
now...i'm getting good at it, but it's dealing with someone else's grief i need help with.

5 Oct 2011
Hi everyone...it's been some time since i posted here last but to be honest....iv'e tried to put my loss in little box and lock it away. Well that little box found its way out of its hiding spot!

About 4 weeks ago (yes so soon) i put a deposit down on a new kitten. I couldnt bring myself to own another Siamese so i decided on a Ragdoll. Well everyday i have waited and waited for the kittens to be born and happily they arrived a couple of days ago. You would think i would be over the moon...well i was to start with but now reality has hit...its not my Romeo coming home.sad.gif Oh i know how idiotic that sounds....of course its not my cat..my cat died...its impossible. But for some reason i guess my brain wanted me to believe he was being reincarnated or something like that. So now the sadness has taken hold and ive honestly for the first time realized he just isn't coming back. I really am looking forward to spending my life with another cat but im also frightened that i won't bond with him..is that crazy? I chose a bred opposite to the Siamese for fear of comparing the new kitten to my Romeo. A couple of people told me to wait but i have this HUGE hole in my heart that needs to be filled. Am i selfish? or are these thoughts normal? I just wish he would visit in a dream to let me know he is alright..every pet ive owned (and people i've lost) have always appeared in a dream and has put me at ease..but not this time...sometimes i think he's angry with me and that's why he hasnt been back.... anyway enough of my ramblings. Hope everyone here is doing well.

31 Aug 2011
Hi everyone. I'm sorry if iv'e not replied to you all sooner.

When i logged in today i was totally blown away by the responses ive recieved regarding my baby Romeo. I am so so so happy and relieved to have found this website as the words that have been written have bought me such comfort and peace of mind. I cant begin to express how grateful and wonderful you all are. It feels so very good to know your not the only one to have felt the intolerable pain and heartache that i am feeling. Forgive me if this is a short post but words really do fail me lately. I have so much to say yet my brain is in standby mode at the moment. What really amazed me was the fact that all the questions that were going through my head about his passing, have all been answered for me in your posts. You guys are just the best!!!!!!!!

I have taken aboard everything that has been said to me and have decided to go easy on myself as i know what im feeling now is perfectly normal. The hardest parts are late at night and first thing in the morning when he was always at his loudest! and Siamese are very loud at the best of times, so the tears start all over again! What im finding odd is that i'm actually afraid to sleep in my bed at night...i dont know what im scared of but i'm scared of something. Anyone else had those feelings? But then again maybe im afraid i won't feel him around me. I can't wait for that time when i know he is with me. At the moment its just dark and empty. I suppose after having him sleep with me night after night for 15 years im bound to feel it more at night. Thankyou all once again for your replies...they have given me such strength and comfort and i so look forward to being able to comfort someone else when the time comes. But as the song goes "somedays are diamonds some days are stones" . I guess im still having days of stones.
Thankyou and god bless
Kitty. ***
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