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10 Sep 2015

I am starting this topi so that I can communicate with two amazing dogs who have suddenly been taken away from me by a ruthless and heartless person who shall go unnamed.

They are both rescued cocker spaniels. Dreamer is just that - a dream come true. He is a black and white cocker, about 8 years old, who is the most lovable dog alive. He knows when I am sad (as I have had many occasions to be in the past two years with its many losses) and will come from wherever he is to sit next to me an lick my face unceasingly. Kelly is black with a white blaze. He was very afraid when we got him - he fear-bit everybody he met, including me when I reflexively reached into his mouth to fish out a soda bottle top he was choking on. Gradually, by coaxing him to sit in front of me with his back to me, I earned his friendship. My heart melted whe I found out he knew how to "shake hands". That meant somebody sometime in his life had loved enough to teach him a trick. Now he will flip over on his back for a tummy rub even. The only thing he does not do is kiss (unless I put some peanut butter on my lips). Just to hurt me, a family member has taken these dogs away and will not allow me to see them. It's hard to tell whose heart is most broken - mine or theirs. But I will keep writing to them here on Lightning Strike because they are old and Kelly is starting to get PDPU and Dreamer has a very sensitive stomach and any irregularity in his feeding (or feeding him people food) will cause him to have fresh bloody diarrhea.

While these two beautiful dogs are not actively dying, both they and me are dying inside so I hope you will forgive me for including their story here.

God bless all the friends who have stood by me here on Lightning-Strike in the past.

Dreamer and Kelly's Aunt
14 Jul 2015
Hello my Baby Benji

I looked all over this site for your postings and I couldn't find them and I couldn't let you be forgotten, I saw your picture yesterday when I used Trevor's dad's computer. It was pinned up on the wall right in front of my eyes. It showed you curled up in the lap of one of the people who took you in when some person threw you over the fence at a rescue organization.

I'm Gretta and Rufus's mom and Trevor's Auntie Jeannie and I want you to be remembered, because I love you so much.

Now you're in my line to send messages to my favorite animals and people.

I'm SO sorry it took me so long to get you back. I never stopped loving you. I'll hold you in my heart forever.

Your loving mom from afar
10 Aug 2014
Hello all friends of Bobbie, Trevor, Gretta, and/or Rufus

Another of our "people" family has gone to the Perfect World - Bobbie's 86-year old father.

When Bobbie first got cancer, her dad spent a winter with her and her husband in Baltimore so that we wouldn't have to endure another northern Minnesota winter. While he was here, he had the second of three strokes, the side effects of which would eventually take his life. He was so sad when he left Baltimore that he would have to go into assisted living instead of back to his house. A few months later, his name came to the top of the waiting list at the Veterans Home, where he had spent thousands of volunteer hours after my mother's death in 2003. Like our beloved animals, we are all going to die of something someday and August 1 was dad's day to go home to God, his wife, Bobbie and all the most-loved dogs. He was fascinated by my half black lab/half Newfie because the dog could sit in a perfect sphynx pose for such a long time without moving a muscle. Dad thought Rufus looked just like a sculpture.

During Bobbie's last months Ii moved to Baltimore to be with her. When she went home, I stayed here to live (I love the city). For a long time I could talk to dad on the phone - albeit in very short conversations and under the eagle eye of our middle sister who took it upon herself to guard dad from all contact she didn't approve. Although I bought him the finest pair of hearing aids on the planet (from Germany) he and his caregivers could never get the hang of adjusting them so they became just brass-colored baubles. finally we couldn't talk on the phone at all. So I wrote him "picture letters" - basically Power-Point-like single sheets with a design or picture and some 36-point type words. He had to have them read to him and I suspect many of them were not. But a person can only do what they can do - and if interference takes place somewhere else, one is powerless. At least one can look oneself in the mirror with some honor.

I was blessed to be able to spend two days alone with dad in what would end up being the last week of his earthly life. He was cogent and could hear if I spoke slowly and directly into the hearing aid. We were blessed to be able to have all the conversations that some people never get to have and then spend the rest of their lives regretting.

Please read between the lines or contact me privately to talk about my not being able to be with dad as he passed or at his funeral, which is tomorrow. Send me a private message and I will send you my personal e-mail. Today (his memorial) and tomorrow are going to be the saddest days of my life - prevented from honoring dad with my presence at his last hurrah and seeing and touching his body and kissing him good bye for the last time. But my dad was about gentleness, peace, humility and grace, NOT about three-ring circuses conducted by someone whose mind is not right. Dad is in heaven and he knows what the real story is.

Thank you for being there for Bobbie and me as we have both had the worst two years of our lives. She is safe, happy, healthy, carefree and basking in the love of God and the precious animals who lived with her here on earth. My father is with God, his family and his many, many friends from all over the world. They have made it. The rest of us are still with the Pilgrim on his wearisome Progress.

God bless all of you and please keep posting about the precious animals who are in your life. Without Lightning Strike I would surely be in a mental hospital somewhere.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
24 May 2014
Hello Baby Marius,

Thank you for organizaing the prayer-hum for Trevor's dad two nights ago when he was late coming home. He was buying a car. His old car had too many sad memories for him. Every time Trevor's mom anad he were in the car, she was either very sick or they were on their way to a hospital. So he turned that car back in and got a new one because for two days the new cars were not too expensive.

Marius, please hold a place in the Perfect World for me and one for Trevor's dad. we are so sad and we miss Trevor's mom SOOOOOOOOOOO much, like your mom misses you, Sweetie. One bright morning when this life is over (that's a song down here on earth) I'll fly away to a place on God's celestial shore (that's the Perfect World where you are), I'll fly away.

I love you Marius. I will never stop loving you and being angry at the horrible man who did what he did to you.


Rufus and Gretta's mom
14 May 2014
Hi baby Marius

I'm sure you'vee met Trevor's mom, the new angel that went to the Perfect World on April 9. Isn't she great? So I'm going to move you to the "Tributes" section so I can keep all our family together. I will never stop crying for you little one - for what ugly cruel humans did to you. I hope you can forgive us. Because you are an animal, with an animal's soul, I know you can be happy with all the people who love you - and there are thousands all over the world.

See you in your new home, Baby Marius.
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