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Family, reading, trying to stay sane in this crazy world, and last but not least Animals.
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2 Aug 2005
While Stewart was ill the breeder we had got him from was very much involved. She called the vet and tried to be supportive. When we told her that the puppy had to be put down she was devestated. She is now breeding Stewart's dad with a different mom. The thought of having Stewart's brother is actually very comforting. Only problem is the puppies won't be ready to come home until december.

I feel a hole in the house and had really wanted to get a new puppy right away and am now rethinking waiting until dec.My husband wants to wait because he says we need time to grieve but I think grieving would be easier with a new furbaby. My kids seem ok with waiting until Dec. so I think I am outnumbered. I was thinking of goin to the pound and adopting a dog before we get the new puppy.

First what are your thoughts on 2 dogs in one house within that short of time. The only pet we have right now is a hamster. At this point i am definatlly wanting 2 dogs in my life but I'm not sure if that is too close of a timespan.

I am no doubt getting Stewart's brother ( by the way it was not genetic what he had ) but I have little experience with 1 dog and have no idea about 2.

Any thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated

Thank you, Melanie
31 Jul 2005
Even though he was only 13 weeks,through the wonderful people on this board and the grieving process I have learned a few things that make me sad but validated about my devestation.

First Tim and everyone that agreed with him helped me to see that it was an "all at once" relationship. I fell in love with Stewart(still hard to say his name..) the first day I met him and everyday after that I fell more and more... He became more than just a puppy he was this little person to me. Never having pets as a child I was amazed at how smart they were and also how loving and loyal they become. I found it wonderful and couldn' wait for more. Which brings me to the next part of my grief.

Second as someone else on the board said my dreams I had of living a life with this wonderful puppy were cut short in the matter of 18 hours. I loved him as a puppy but was looking forward to everythin that lied ahead. Like him being ther when my daughter went to college (she is 10) and my son playing baseball with him in the back yard (he is 8). ALso my youngest son ( he is 4) growing up with him. I would never see him go from a playful pup to a "wise golden retriever".
That, along with the grief, makes me feel incredibly dissapointed... I pictured my children getting older with the puppy and my husband and I having more time to enjoy him as an adult.

Third and last I felt it so unfair that my precious puppy did not have the chance to live a long healthy life. Sitting beside his tiny body while they put him to sleep made me sad but now I somewhat feel angry. I feel as thouh both him and I were cut short of a life of love,loyalty and the feeling of true love between both him and I. There must be a stage of grief that involves anger..

Lasly I want to say I am so sorry to everyone on this board who has lost a beloved pet. I can imagine the pain it must be to lose the best friend that you spent years with as a confidant,best friend and love of your life. My deepest condolences. If this had never had happened to me I would never had totaly understood the tremendos grief that goe along with it.

Thank you for sharing all odf your stories. After i lost Stewart I started thinking that I never wanted another pet becaus of the terrible feeling of losing them. But reading all of the wonderful stories of the great times that were shared between you and your pets have made me realize that the joy that they bring into our lives leaves us with memories that last a lifetime.

I guess its like that old saying " it is better to have loved an lost then to never haved loved at all " again thank you for all your sad but wonderful stories of hope they have made a world of difference to me that I cannot express.

Melanie (Stewart's Mommy)
29 Jul 2005
This website and all the people who have responded to my post have helped a great deal. My pain is so strong but it REALLY helps to hear that not only is it hard for everyone but that it is normal and ok to be so distraught even thouh he was just a puppy.. Again, THANK YOU all for your kind words an support. Melanie
29 Jul 2005
6 am and the house is quiet. Only the second morning since my puppy died and I can't hold myself together. Mornings were Stewart and I's favorie time together. My husband would be getting ready for work and just before he was about to leave he would say "The puppy is up". With one eye open I would sleepily go into the living room and hear him barking and jumping in his crate. All of a sudden I would be overcome with joy and be wide awake. I would open his crate and he wouldn't know what to do ,he wanted to play but he had to go "potty" so bad. So after a while he would go to the door, quickly do his thing and want to go back in the house. Immediatly he would run right into my room and stand up trying to get on my bed (he was still to little to get up there by himself). I would go in there and put him on the bed with me.He would be so excited and I felt the same. We would play under the blankets and he would lick my face. He would try to nip but I was still teaching him "No biting" But at that time alone in the morning, I relalized how much Both of us loved being together. We woul play like that until one of the kids woke up(I have 3) and then off he would go to play with them. It's amazing how 6 weeks of mornings can become such a joyful habit. I miss him so much and this morning I feel like there is an empty space in my heart. All day I miss him but our mornings together are gon and I'm not sure if I will be ever to get over that..... Thank you for listening
28 Jul 2005
My 13 week old Golden retriever had to be put down yesterday. 2 days ago he was playing around like a normal puppy...then he started breathing funny. I called the vet and had him seen. His heart murmur which the vet thought was normal 10 days ago had gotten much worse. The prognosis did not look good, but we had an ultrasound done the next morning. He had a major heart defect and would not live to be 6 months. There was nothing we could do so i stayed with him while they put him to sleep. My problem is that i feel like I shouldn't be so sad because most people lose pets after having them alot longer, but i loved him and I cant stop feeling sad. I am crushed and i dont know what to do.
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