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29 Jan 2009
I'm sure a lot of members might remember me; I joined after losing my beloved dog Bono to heart failure in October 06. You might also remember me as I posted when my beautiful cat Darcey went missing in September 08. I'm just updating on myself and would love to hear how everyone is.

Sadly, Darcey never came home, and we have now given up the search for her, after 4 months of walking the streets, calling her name, putting posters up on most lampposts, leaving details at every vet and rescue centre within miles. But she is gone and we have been forced to accept it. I still call her name occasionally when I'm walking my dogs and I still feel a little hope when I hear a miaw in the distance which sounds so much like hers did. But I couldn't keep on with the hard searching forever; I have a baby son, and other pets at home to think of, and so it is with great sadness that I say that I have finally accepted that I'll probably never see her again and that she is most likely dead, although I still pay her pet insurance in the hope that maybe we'll find her. But it's only a matter of time before I cancel it. She was microchipped though, and that always gives me hope.

Sasha (my 6-year-old cat), Nieko (my Cavalier) and Coveu (my Jack Russell) are all very well. You might remember my getting a new kitten Sebastian too a few months back; I posted photos of him playing with my son. He's a massive big tomcat now, the king of all cats in the neighbourhood and the biggest cat I've seen and still only 7-months-old. We also welcomed a new Cavalier puppy Nancy into our ever growing household of pets; she's 4-months-old and gorgeous.

So I now have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and 3 fish. And 2 gone but always remembered and loved and part of me.

I've posted a photo of Nancy and Sebastian (Sebastian is a little woozy in the photo as he had only just been neutered earlier in the day - he's only 5-months-old in the photo and already huge) I look at Nancy and Sebastian playing together and it reminds me of how my dog Nieko and Darcey used to play together. I had them as puppy and kitten at the same time too. Poor Darcey. sad.gif

Anyway, how is everyone and everyones' furbabies???
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15 Oct 2008
To my beautiful cat Darcey, who disappeared 5 weeks ago.

I fancy that I'll see you
Strolling down my drive one day
Winding yourself round my legs
Like you'd never been away

And then I'd probably pick you up
Wouldn't want to set you free
It'd be sardines and tuna for weeks and weeks
And your favourite - milky tea

I'd probably want to stare at you
And stroke you so I could feel
That my beautiful Darcey had come home
It wouldn't seem quite real

You were only 7-weeks-old
When I took you home with me
What a beautiful and gorgeous lady
You soon turned out to be

I felt that you'd be with me
Till you were old and grey
But only 2 years later
You had gone astray

The high hopes I'd had that you'd come home
Have begun to fall
For I've knocked on every door
And responded to every call

I've searched and called in pouring rain
Put up flyers and posters of you
I've rang round every vet and checked
With every shelter too

I've stopped passing strangers to ask
'Have you seen a tabby cat?'’
I've exhausted every idea I've had
My batteries have run flat

I don't ever want to say
That I've given up, lost faith
Cause you'll always be welcomed home
That'll always be the case

I miss you so much
That as I write this I could cry
But it seems that for me and you
This is a sad goodbye

But I still fancy that I'll see you
Strolling down my drive one day
My precious little Darcey
I do hope you're okay.

Maybe one day that will happen
And I'll make that milky tea
Can you hear me, lovely Darcey
Please come home to me
15 Oct 2008
It is 16th October again. And 2 years since my boy Bono passed away. Doesn't seem 2 years since I last held him. I hate this date. I much prefer his birthday, or the date I took him home for the first time, but not the date I lost him forever. 2 years gone and I still miss him as though he has only just died.

The feeling of sadness is made worse by my cat Darcey being missing ... Shes been missing for almost 5 weeks now and despite all attempts to find her, and her being microchipped, I am beginning to accept that like it is with Bono, I will never see her again. And I miss them both so very much.

Below is the poem I wrote to Bono just after he died.

To my beloved friend, Bono.

I wish I could have been there
The hour that you died,
I wish I could have held you
And rested by your side.

I wish I could have helped you
And been with you that day,
Instead of coming home to find you
Fading fast away.

And how you wheezed and gasped
And shrivelled up in sorrow,
I wrapped my arms around you
Our last day, no tomorrow.

And I sobbed as I cuddled you
And told you ‘Mammy’s here’,
And I whispered to you, talked to you
As your fur soaked up each tear.

And I’m sorry that all I did
Was fret and moan and cry,
And beg you as you suffered
As I willed you ‘Please don’t die’.

And I held you in the car
As we rushed you to the vet,
But part of me already knew
That I was losing my beloved pet.

And as the vet examined you
You looked into my eyes,
And again I whispered ‘Mammy’s here’
I’m sorry that I lied.

For I left you all alone with them
Even though you needed me so,
And I didn’t kiss your little head
I just let you go.

I’m sure if you could have
You’d have asked me to stay,
And yet I didn’t listen
Instead I turned and walked away.

Selfish beings we humans are
We shrink away and hide,
Yet you have been my special friend
Always by my side

It wasn’t long before you slipped away
Alone, ailing, afraid,
I should have stayed with you
Instead you died, betrayed.

Today I saw your little body
I went to say goodbye,
And I wrapped my arms around you
And I swear I thought I’d die.

I breathed in your lovely scent
And buried my face in your hair,
And told you over and over how sorry I am
That I had not been there.

And as I held your little paw
And stroked your tiny brow,
I felt assured and calm
And I whispered ‘I’m here now’.

There was an assuring comfort
To rest there on your side,
There was a sense of ease
To have you there, consoling me
That you were here, you’d always be
And it’s ok, because your pain is gone
And to be strong, and carry on.

My beloved Bono; this void is immeasurable

2 years on, and I still love you just the same. x
7 Oct 2008
My cat Darcey has been missing 3 weeks. Despite putting up posters and all else you could think of, I still haven't found her.

Tonight at 11.30pm I got a call from a guy saying "Do you have a shovel? Cause I've just ran over your cat." He said he was about a 5 min drive away and that he'd wait and my fiancé drove down. He sounded genuine.

I was shaking, thinking 'Oh no, Darcey is actually dead ...' With my dog Bono's 2 year anniversary coming next week, I couldn't believe it. I just began panicking. Told Mark to take her to the vet even if she was dead.

But when my fiancé got there, there was no man or no dead cat. My fiancé - Mark rang the number and the person began acting like an idiot

Mark: You said you killed my cat? I'm here and I can't see you
The guy: Yes, I'm at a different road
Mark: You said you were at the bottom of my street
The guy: Doesn't look like it
Mark: Where is my cat?
The guy: I don't have a cat
Mark: No. You'd said you ran over my cat.
The guy: No I'm in a wheelchair
Mark: This is just a hoax isn't it
The guy: Looks like it
Mark: Do you think this is funny?
The guy: Only at weekends

And then he hung up ...
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