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18 Apr 2013
Dear Soxie,

Today is your 15th birthday! Happy Birthday, my beautiful little boy.

I hope you and your brother are having fun together at Rainbow Bridge.

18 Apr 2012
I was hoping I would not be back here on these boards so soon after Diamond's passing, but here I am...

Soxie began breathing a little erratic, so we took him to the emergency vet. Immediately, they put him on oxygen and diagnosed him with heart failure. They also found fluid in his lungs. As they ran more tests, they found he also has hyperthyroidism.

The doctor was able to drain the fluid and put him on meds to slow down the heart failure, but we have been told it is just a matter of time until the heart gives out.

The doctor wants to release him tonight so that he can go home and be in more comfortable surroundings.

Today is his 14th birthday, so it will be good to have him home. However, we are also devastated to know that this may be his last birthday.
5 Aug 2010
Hi, Dimees.

I hope you liked my letter to you: http://lightning-strike.com/forum/index.ph...ic=5945&hl=

I received a call from your Vet today. It seems they made a paw print of your paw during your final appointment. I just came back from picking it up. It is a beautiful way to commemorate you. Your doctor just loved you to pieces, as did everyone.

I am thinking about you and missing you.

With Love Always,
4 Aug 2010
My Dearest Little Diamond,

Hi, Baby Boy. Grandmom and Soxie want you to know how much they miss you.

Our journey together started when your mother, a beautiful gray stray cat, adopted me. Yes, I know, I encouraged her to come back by enticing her with food, but she was cute. Little did I know that was a decision that would affect the next twelve years in such a positive way.

As she kept coming around, she started getting fatter and fatter. I hadn't been feeding her THAT much! I thought maybe some neighbors had been feeding her, too. I realized that she was getting bigger, but uh-oh, that was not fat. She was pregnant.

I figured it would be dangerous for little kittens to be born in the wild, so I took her in. Even though I took HER in, SHE adopted ME. I had been wanting a cat, so I decided to keep her and two of her kittens. I would find homes for the rest, how ever many there were.

Not too long after that on April 17, 1998, she went into labor and hid in a corner. Luckily, she chose a spot where I could watch her give birth. Her first kitten was born, and he cried and cried--very loudly, I might add. I was living in a rented place that did not allow pets; I was sure I was going to get evicted. Fortunately, the landlord never found out. Soon after, your mother gave birth to three more kittens.

You little guys couldn't be separated from your mother for a while, so I just had to name you. As first born, you got your name first. You had one little black diamond behind each of your ears, so that is how you got your name. As you grew up, the black diamonds faded, but you are still my little 2000 carat Diamond and more valuable to me than any "real" diamond!

Time passed, and I decided to keep one of your sisters and your little brother, Soxie, but you would not hear of it. I did not want to get attached to you, but you would not let up. You demanded my attention, and you were so cute you got it. Even though there were others in the house, you picked me. Then we bonded. It is a bond that I did not share with your mother, your sisters, or even your little brother, who is here with me now. I am so honored and grateful that you chose me. You have added so much joy to my life. I wouldn't trade one second of the pain I feel now not to have felt your love, affection, warmth, or so soft fur. Thank you for loving me.

Fast forward to twelve years later, as I sit here with tears in my eyes, missing you. I knew you were getting older, but you were only twelve years old--so young for a kitty. A little over one week ago, I didn't even know you were sick. The Vet says you didn't even know. I couldn't believe the diagnosis...inoperable liver carcinoma. I would have spent any amount of money I could to save your life, but that was not to be. Your prognosis was Very Poor. I was devastated! The Vet says it was not caused by anything I did, but it had to be. It's not like a cold or a virus; it didn't just float by in the air! I am sure your cancer was caused by something I did; I hope you can forgive me.

I am sorry about the medicine. I know it tasted yucky, but I hope it at least made you a little more comfortable. After I gave it to you, you looked at me with such hate in your eyes, which hurt me deeply. You wouldn't eat, though, and the medicine allowed you to eat just a little. You needed some nourishment.

After that, you fell asleep. You must have been exhausted. I am sorry that I woke you up when you finally fell asleep, but you were twitching. I wasn't sure if they were your normal cute little sleep twitches or if you were starting to have a seizure or something.

I will always remember the day before I made your final Vet appointment how you laid on the floor with your paw out and I laid next to you with my hand out. You never liked to have your paws touched, but you allowed me to lay there with you paw-to-hand. That's when you let me know it was okay to make the appointment. You looked at me and let me know that were ready. I know you held onto life for me a little longer than you wanted, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you were uncomfortable with all of that fluid in your stomach, but I hope you were not in pain. I asked the Vet to take it all out, but she explained if that happened, it would come back even worse for you.

I hope it was okay that I buried you at Great Grandmom's house. I am not sure that I want to keep living in the house where you spent all but three months of your life, and I just couldn't bear to move out of that house knowing that you were buried there. I thought if I laid you to rest at Great Grandmom's then you would be able to rest in peace and I would be able to visit you whenever I wanted. I also buried your favorite toy with you. I hope you still enjoy playing with it.

It is hard to come home from work and not call your name, but I call anyway. I keep waiting for you to come bumbling down the stairs in the adorable way that you do. All I had to do was call your name, and you were right there, meowing for attention and rubbing on my leg. When I wouldn't give you attention, you would turn your back on me, lay down, and sulk. However, no matter how mad you tried to be, when I called your name you would get excited. Oh, you would try to lay there and ignore me, but eventually you would give in and come get some lovin's.

The world is a little colder and a little less bright without you here. What will I do without your goofy little smile? I miss playing the "around your nose game", and I miss you pulling my hand to your face for petting. I think you taught me more tricks than I taught you!

I remember the day when I swear you tried to say, "Grandmom." I guess when you constantly hear, "Ganmom loves you," it's only normal that you would try to say it to get her attention.

Your new scratching post came today. I can't bear to take it out of the box yet, but I will soon so that Soxie can use it.

Now that you are gone, I know you are still with me. I know your spirit lives on; I feel it. Although I cannot touch you, knowing you are with me in spirit is a small comfort. I thought I heard you "Meow" earlier today. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams. Please come see me tonight again; I cannot wait to pet you. I will be thrilled if you continue to visit, but I understand if you cannot. Also, please visit your brother and take care of him; he misses you terribly. I am sure you hear him crying for you.

Thank you for letting me know you are safe and happy. I love you always.

I will keep my promise to you about building a website in your honor.

Goodbye, My Little Love Bunny.

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