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11 Feb 2013
Almost twelve years ago Kika came into my life, when I was in college and in the worst time for me to get a puppy, but the first time I saw that perfect black & tan chihuahua girl, i just knew that we belong together. At that time I didn't had any money, I don't know what make me spend the little money I had in a puppy, I remember that after paying for her (I later learned that she came from a nasty "breeder", probably if I had know that before I wouldn't have bought her) I didn't have any money left so I had to feed her from free puppy food samples, and had to wait almost a week to get het to the vet and get her first shot, that I couldn't afford her any sweater so I hand sew her first sweater form an old sweatshirt, but she never complained, she was always a very happy, well behaved puppy, and wore her hand made sweater very proudly. And I couldn't find a good name for her in two days, I only knew that since she was a chihuahua it had to be a name in spanish.

She was my companion all of my adult life, she was in every experience that i had, the first time I moved alone, when I graduated from college, in my first job, my wedding, and a lot of happy and sad experiences she was always there by my side.

She was always healthy I've been trying, but can't remember any time that I had to give her medicine because she was sick, our only time into the vet's office for anything other that her regular check ups, was when she got stung by a bee, and the other about a 18 months ago, when I felt her hear beating different, it turned out she had a very mild heart murmur, even her cardiologist was amazed because he had never seen a heart murmur in that early stages, and in every follow up, he congratulated us at how well her heart was considering her age.

That until the first weekend of this year that she had a seizure, and from there begin a long series of tests, where at first nothing bad showed up, just bad appetite and me feeling that something was wrong, my baby was not the same, but the doctors assured me that everything was ok, until the last test that showed a very aggressive degenerative liver disease uncommon in dogs and, I'm not really of this, because I declined the biopsy to formalize the diagnosis, but her usual doctor was inclined to think this was what was wrong with her, and for what he explained that really made sense, with what I was seeing in my girl.

Last week was the hardest, because she lost all her appetite, and she lost a lot of weight, I knew that the end was coming, so this weekend I called my parents so they could plan a visit to say good bye to Kika, my mother even asked if it was necessary to make the trip that same day, but my husband and I thought that it could wait until monday or tuesday, because in the morning she still was waving het tail a little whenever she saw us, she was still trying to follow me around the house, but in the afternoon she just started to feel bad, she was so tired, she just wasn't herself, so we had to take the decision help her into her forever sleep, one of my brothers came with his fiancee to said good bye, and she dozed a little in his arms, very peacefully, it was very sweet.

I remember that once a tanatologist came to the shelter where I volunteer and told me that when an animal is going to be helped, is their time, that they shouldn't be worried with people crying around them, so I steadied up myself, bit back my tears and thanked Kika for all the time we had together, for being such a nice girl, for being my companion, my shadow. I hold her she can go in peace that I was going to be fine, I got to hold her in my arms until her heart stop beating, and the doctor confirmed that she was gone.

And now, I am so sad, a big part of my life is gone, and i haven't been able to cry, I feel very calm and very sad, and I can't cry, I don't know why I can't, if I miss my girl so much.
6 Feb 2013
All this year my beautiful girl has been unwell, she is a 12 year old chihuahua, the most loyal companion that I ever have, my very special girl,

She has been very healthy until now, I don't remember her ever being sick at all, she does have a heart problem, but nothing strange for a chihuahua of her age. It all started the first weekend of the year, in the evening she had a seizure, almost two minutes long, and after that she was a little disoriented for a couple hour, obviously I took her to the vet the next morning, blood test were done, all normal, but on the examination the Dr. found a lump/mass in her abdomen, they took Xrays, but couldn't find it, and in the ultrasound it appeared to be one inch in diameter, a little bigger, kind of floating in her abdomen because it wasn't in the intestines or in her bladder (great news!!). He put her on medication, because it seemed she was in a little pain, while my husband and I were trying to decide if we wanted to put her under anesthesia for the biopsy (too risky because of ther heart problem) I took my girl to a friend that does Reiki and biomagnetism, she went for three sesions and she really improved in her mood after each session. On one of check ups, the mass/tumor was gone, (I'm not saying the alternative medicine is my first option for treatment but I wasn't going to leave that option out if it is to help one of my babies), the doctor was surprised and send us to another Doctor, who made a doppler ultrasound, and he couldn't find anything either. So far everything was fine, just that Kika wouldn't eat as usual.

But since last week she is getting very thin, she is not eating almost anything, the doctors repeated all the tests again, and everything looks fine, the Xrays, ultrasounds, blood works, everything!!! Her doctor really likes her, and has been consulting with other colleagues, and they haven't given us a straight reason of what is wrong with my baby, her doctor is really baffled at this situation, the onl thing wrong is that she is not eating. She is thinner everyday, I have to force feed her with a syringe everyday for the last two days, and she is sad, dont' know how to explain it, but she is not herself, she still wants to be with me all the time, loyal as always, but I "feel" her different.

I'm so afraid that she may have lost her will to live, and that I keep making her stay, but I just can't sit and watch her starve herself to death and do nothing, she has given me so much, that I will do whatever is in my hands to make her be healthy again.

I swear that if she could tell me that she doesn't want to be in this earth anymore, I'll help her, even if I feel like dying too, but since this is not possible, I will continue fighting for her, but right now it's killing me not knowing what is going on, what is that I'm fighting, and I right now I feel like my girl's life is slipping through my fingers and there is nothing for me to do.

Please say a prayer for my girl to get well, or for the doctors, so they can find what is wrong with her!!!

3 Oct 2012
First of all, I want to thank everybody because all of you help me recover from the loss of my Tino.

Since he left his dad (my husband) bring home another puppy (Mateo) that also has help very much, he is a handfull, but he is sooo sweet that all you can do is love him.

Right now I'm having problem trying to make up my mind, and will love to hear your opinion about the subject.

A white and blue chihuahua girl, that is going to be 3 year old this november, sister of Clementina and aunt of Tino, just became available, the breeder give her away because she doesn't get pregnant, I have her under my care (in my office, not at my home). She is a very sweet girl, a little demanding, with some adaptation issues, and a big problem of coprophagia (I became aware of this just a couple of days ago).

I took her in because I wanted to be sure she ended up in a nice loving house, I haven't found the ideal home for her, and now with the copropagia problem is going to be even harder, she is now under treatment (not working btw, but I keep trying to fix it). Since it has been so hard to find the right home, my husband suggested that we should adopt her.

To be honest, I'm torn, at having to take a decision that should be very easy. I have so many doubts, because finally things at home are in a balance again since Tino left, Mateo getting home (he also had a coprophagia issue, that is now under control), house training him, he getting along with my other two girls, I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but for my it was a little hard. And I don't want to mess everything by introducing another dog.

But I feel so selfish to deny a home to this other dog that needs help, just because I'm feeling lazy (I know I'm being a horrible person) to start again, to potty train a difficult dog, the coprophagia, the fear that Mateo will fall into his nasty habits again, to break the balance that we have now, I know that in time we will find the balance again, but I don't feel like starting again, to tell you the truth, is laziness of the process, I love the dog, I want the dog in my house, but I don't want to go thru the process.

I feel like the most awful person in the world, I know I'm being such a selfish, horrible person but I really have to make up my mind and I haven't been able to do it on my own, and also I just can't leave her to be someone elses problem. So if you have some advice I will really aprecciate it, don't worry about being hard in your comments, maybe thats just what I need

Thank you so much!!!

P.S. The possibility of a trial run is out of the question, if I decide to give her a home, she is in for good
5 Jul 2012
Today is fifteen days since my little boy was taken from me, in such a stupid way.

First, I want to explain why my Valentino was so special.

Abou 3.5 years ago, my husband ran into the breeder who was complaining of a little girl that was giving her a lor of trouble, well, he just fall in love with her, a 10 months old, white with blue marking chihuahua, but the breeder didn┤t want to sell her, so she offer us that we take care of her, let her have one liiter and the she would be all ours, at the moment that sounded great, she was going to be bred anyway, so we though, well better in a very loving house and just one time.
She stole our heart, but lets be honest she was a handful,and so smart it scare you, but we loved her to death, all her pregnancy was just perfect, but she was schedule for a C-Section, because she was so little and the puppies (2) were big for her, so all the test were done and she was fit for the surgery, well she died even before the surgey, later we learn that she had very mild case of hydrochephalus, there was nothing that could be done for her, she was brain dead.

We were so sad, but understand that it was no ones fault, just a bad joke form nature, the breeder was so ashamed that we have to go through this, that she give us the only puppy that survived, so we took him in as the last gift from Clementina to us, at first it was very hard, because he looke so much like his mom, but he sure help to fill in the void Clementina left in our hearts.

He was so special for us, our little Valentino (Tino we call him) there was nothing we wouldn't do for that tiny dog, so full of life, he enjoyed everything, he was our companion to almost everywhere we went, he loved to ride in the car, and the long bike rides he took with my husband, also, he wasn't like most chihuahuas, he was so friendly with people and with dogs, he loved to go to daycare, were everybody loved him.

Then about a 45 days ago, we rescue a dog that got hit by a car, he had a fracture in his hip, took care of the surgey, and we were watching him over so we can put him up for adoption, he was never to go near my dogs (we also have 2 chihuahua girls), he was terrier like, but the size of a labrador. He was always keep in a secure place, he could not open the door, to come inside the house, but 15 days ago, the guy who helped us around the house let the door open and he came in and attack my baby boy, it was only one bite in the head but that was enough for him, there was nothing that can be done for Tino, we have to put him to sleep, my husband says that Tino was gone the first minute he was bitten because he has no eye reflex, and show no response to painful stimulus, but still I have never felt so impotent, having him breathing in my arms and knowing he wasn't there anymore. Needless to said that we fire the guy immediatly and have the other dog put down, we can not live with the responsibility that he could attack another dog, and we couldn┤t keep taking care of him.

The pain is still very vivid, I keep feeling the pain, physically feeling it, I really hope no one has to go through something like this ever, it really is to hard to bear, My Tino was taken away from me 19 days before his 2 year old birthday, I dread that day because on that day my Clementina pass away, but leave me my Tino, now I don't have any of those two babies, neither of them got to their 2 year old birthday. This year I had a party planned, now I only have the hole in my heart.
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