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31 Mar 2010
Well I'm just really not sure where to post this, and there are so many new and different members that a lot of you probably won't know or remember me. I'm "Zita's Mom", I came to this support group in 2007 when my cat Zita went missing and never returned. That was after having already lost 3 pets. Then, 8 months later my beloved Ziggy was shot and died. 4 months after Rosie, my husband's 17 year old dog was euthanized and my husband left me the same week. Soon after that, Ellie my x-h's German Shepherd was returned to him, then also euthanized a couple of months later. In the meantime my cat Zeus (Zita's brother) had a urinary blockage. Zeus is still with me and seems to be doing okay.

But... a lot of great things happened as well. I got to keep my farm, my dog Sprite and I continue to be official wild goose chasers for the local parks (gently sending Canada Geese away from high traffic parks), and I have a new great guy in my life! Things have picked up and all is very well.

I mentioned in my thread under dying pets (Goodbye Family, Goodbye Rosie) that I was going to write a book and that's what I'm doing!

Here's the link to my book pitch http://www.nexttopauthor.com/profile.cfm?aid=202 - Please vote for me if you'd like to see this book published.

Feel free to pass on the link and thanks everyone here for "being there" during my losses.

Much love to all

9 Apr 2009
My thread is at Goodbye Rosie Goodbye Family, but I really need all your prayers.

My last 5 year old cat Zeus cat threw up late last night and wasn't purring so I knew he wasn't feeling well. He didn't eat this morning so I phoned the vet. He was acting totally normal until late last night.

He has a urinary blockage and is undergoing surgery. He is 5 years old. I've had a lot of losses, and I really need him to pull through this. The vet said that he may have kidney damage. He appeared really healthy until this.

Unfortunately it's a long weekend and they need me to decide whether to bring him home, to leave him at a different vet's office, one I've never been to, or take him to another city for 24 hour hospitalization. The local vet's office does not have 24 hour surveillance, and I'm tempted to bring him home. But on the other hand, I'm not sure about what complications there could be - does anyone have advice on this?

Need some advice quickly...


6 Dec 2008
I feel that I've been followed by a black cloud for sometime. If anyone here has followed my story, I've lost 3 young cats the last 3 years (one murdered), and a dog, had some near death health issues, financial crises with the building of a new house (my H and I's "dream home") and just one thing after another.

Rosie is my husband's 17 year old border collie and she has been failing for some time. H has made an appointment to euthanize Monday morning. She has lost bladder and bowel control, she falls and can't get up and we've found her laying in her own diarrhea a few times. She had some quality of life when she went on walks on our property but she fell down on the hill the other day and got stuck - when I found her she was quite distressed. We've found her fallen down the steps as well. She just shivers now on the walks and I know she has no quality of life.

If that were not painful enough, during my first ever counselling session with H on Tuesday, H announced to me that he was splitting. He and my stepdaughter found a place the next day and they are moving stuff now. This comes as a total shock. I knew when I grieved Ziggy he was not able to handle that. What I realize is that he married me 2 years after his wife of 23 years died, and he had not dealt with the grief. I know it sounds like a soap opera, honestly I don't believe my life over the last 3 years since I met him.

To me this says that we must truly and honestly face our grief and not bury it. Otherwise we live on the "surface". If we disconnect to our feelings we can do a lot of damage to ourselves and others (H had told me of marrying me that he was "never so sure of anything his whole life").

You cannot run away from grief. It will follow you. Trust me I have learned this the very hard way.

Anyway, please do think of Rosie Monday morning and send your healing thoughts for a gentle and loving transition. I will not be there for the euthanasia because she was H's dog, and given the current situation it would just make the whole thing worse.

I do not know how to survive all this except just to breathe and live only in this moment. I do have good friends but I am still in shock.

23 Sep 2008
I just went to put a new poster up to "Ziggy's shooter" on the local mailboxes - there are two main mailboxes in our area, three if you go a bit further, and there is another sign. "A Psycho shot our Yorkie".

Apparently the dog was shot in the flank and bled heavily. This is not next door, but in the same rural area. Whoever shot Ziggy is out to kill more pets.

Zita went missing in October and many other signs for missing cats have appeared on mailboxes. I will go to talk to the people with the Yorkie tomorrow and to the constable in charge as well as to the newspapers and television station. I will be posting more flyers.

I can't even express in words how angry, drained, shocked and devastated I am. We live in a very, very dangerous area for our pets and I don't know what to do. My pets are my life!

The extension of our "dream house" on a beautiful acreage has drained us in health, finances and many personal costs/sacrifices, but losing the cats is the absolute worst. Knowing the shooter is out looking for more prey is... oh my God, I am just sick.

We have 5 dogs all rescues, now just one cat (3 dead all under 5 years old since 2006). Our old border collie sometimes gets onto the road. This person / people is sick, sick, sick. I just don't know what to do. Moving is not yet an option because the reno's aren't even complete. This is a total nightmare!

I live in a war zone. Even if we leave, someone is out there shooting innocent pets and other creatures for the pure entertainment of watching an animal fight for it's life... This is not accidental, there is no way a Yorkie looks like a squirrel or a rodent (and shooting them is sick enough as it is).

sick, sick, sick.

My heart hurts. What can I do? This has to stop.

29 Aug 2008
I posted in October about losing my sweet Zita. At the end of December I adopted Ziggy who I swear was related to Zita. She had the biggest healing purr I have ever heard from a cat. She wasn't Zita but she was a very special kitty and was so appreciative and happy in our home.

On Saturday she came home after 5 p.m. with wounds to her abdomen. I knew it was serious. She went to the emergency vet. Over the last 5 days we spent about $1300 on vet care.

We thought she was going to pull through but this morning at 6 a.m. she let out a distressed sound and stopped breathing. I reached into her crate, but she had left me.

The vet is pretty certain she was shot by an air gun. People can be so evil and cruel.

I cannot believe what has happened. She loved her "drippy water" from the sink and I will miss her leading me there and her huge gigantic purr.

My "helper" cat who helped me to deal with my loss of Zita is now gone... Life is not fair.

My heart is broken.

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