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28 Apr 2009
hi everyone. im sorry ive been away so long.alot has been going on. i lost my beloved rat hizache. the little gray/white kitty passed away last month suddenly for an unknown reason, maybe his disability caught up to him.the most recent and hardest happened yesterday evening. for my birthday weekend i bought a duck, a white chick and a tiny brown chick on saturday from a fair. i already had one gray chick. i brought them back to my college because i was showing pets to the children at the pre school i intern at. my sister fell in love with the tiny chick and it always fell asleep in her hand. it was so sweet. it followed around and slept under the gray chick like it was his mom. i was going to give him to my sis when school ends in 2 weeks. i was trying to save him because he was being sold as food. i put them all in a plastic bin which i always kept the gray one in. they slept well but were a little sweaty and there was condensation in the bin when i woke up so i put a fan on top of the lid so air could blow through the holes. i went to class and internship for about 5 hours. i came back to a hot room and the chick was lying down nearly unconscious underneath the gray chick all wet. i took him out and called my sis whose a vet tech. i gave him sugar water and rubbed him. he opened his eyes and peeped a little but was so overheated he was open mouth breathing. i kept him in front the fan. he opened his eyes then passed away in my hands. i couldnt believe it. i kept rubbing him long after hoping for a miracle. i feel so bad because i was trying to save a chicken's life and instead i caused him to die so young. the gray chick was the quietest i ever saw her after the death. i keep beating myself up wishing i had just left the lid off the container but my lizard was loose and i didnt know where he was hiding so i didnt want them to get eatten or hurt. i just looked at the pics i have of him (big red) and i feel sick because i robbed the sweet little loving chick of a long happy life. i feel bad now looking at the others walking around my room together fine and wish his little body had been as strong as theirs with the heat. i feel like i robbed my sis of the pet she was getting attached to. all i kept saying was about his future and i never knew he's die so soon. its hard
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30 Dec 2008
hi everyone. i, my family and friend lost too many loving pets this year. thank you all for being there for me. i know it can be hard when you miss your angel pet during the holidays or to be losing them during this time. my heart goes out to you all.i recently lost the 21 year old kitty Willy i adopted a few months ago. one more angel for the year 08.his 22nd b. day would have been the 28th of this month. words can hardly express how greatful i am to have found your support and kindness throughout this year, thank you. have a happy new year.

with love corina and her angels

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12 Oct 2008
Hi everyone. I know that we all know each other and have been brought together by the saddest situation but we have still been brought together. just another gift from our loved pets. god it has been almost 4 months ago that i lost my acorn to f.i.p. You all were so caring and supportive. I am greatful. I just want to say that i am away from home in college and school has me busy so i havent typed much on here also out of sadness for acorn and the recent passing of my ferret i adopted last month. i adopted him and he turned out to be sick and he passed peacefully. peter pan the ferret you are missed. i find healing in acorn's tribute
many days i still cry. i feel the pain of everyone who comes here. i wish you strength. you are not alone. on acorn's 3 month anniversary i spoke to a pet psychic over the phone. the only one i could find that asks for a donation and not a definite price. she was describing him accurately. she said he was already leaving as i put him to sleep. he said its better where he is. she said he was so busy playing she had to get his attention. he said we only where a coat and we are eternal. he said he is everywhere and always with us so he doesnt miss us. she said he put his head down when i asked if he blamed me and he said no no no. he went back to playing. he was funny, he was so playful. he said he liked that i held him as he went which i hadnt mentioned. she said when i asked if he could hear me she said he gave the image of a handful of blue stardust blown into the air which meant he was all around me just like that. there was alot more, 30 min convo.i dont know, i am a skeptic but i want to believe. if anyone is interested www.youranimalspeaks.com i send strength and love out to everyone who has lost, everyone who is losing but gaining an angel. i am still around. you are all still in my thoughts and heart.

with love corina and her angels

(just posting a pic of acorn and not seeing any pics of him in my new photos..oh its hard) (seeing all these pet costumes for halloween..makes me miss him terribly..my lil model acorn i miss u so much)
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15 Sep 2008
You are such a funny guy and a great cat.You are missed already. i missed having you home when you moved in with my sis so she could care for you. now i will miss you until we meet again at the rainbow bridge. i am glad you are no longer in pain from mouth cancer. i hope you got welcomed in by your brother joshua and all the angels. i miss your voice and your complaints as i scratched your back. you always had something to say. we love you.

with love corina and her angels

there are just too many angels in heaven and not enough here. this has been a hard year
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23 Aug 2008
This is my senior year in college. My kitty Joshua was in my life and passed during my 2nd year of college. i just cremated him this summer. Acorn was living during my junior year and passed this summer. i cremated him beside joshua. its hard to keep myself together and breath right just writing it. on top of that my sister's kitty sebastian who was my shoulder to cry on when acorn passed went to meet acorn at the bridge not long after. there has been so much pet loss around me this sad summer. 4 of my rats went to the rainbow bridge this summer. i lost so much this summer. im going back to college sun. just realizing how much this summer has taken from me, how much its taken from others. i dont know how to come back this thurs for the weekend and to visit for the rest of the year and not be greeted by acorn's face lighting up and him being all over me while dodging spike the dog jumping on the bed happily lol(they were so funny making me feel welcome). just thinking of it hurts and i dont know how to prepare myself for it. all through the school year i missed acorn more than anyone or anything else. sometimes i came home just to see him.i never fell that hard. i looked at his pic on my wall and he was in my prayers every night. just when i come home to him finally he has to go to rainbow bridge. fate can be so terrible. he was only 1 year old and i was planning to move him into an apartment with me after college. now i feel like so much in life that would have brought such joy is just empty now. i shook his urn to just know he was with me in some way, joshua's too. i am at such a low point right now. all i have to greet me when i come home is urns with rattling contents. i am greatful for the pets and loved ones that do greet me but they arent acorn. its so hard to move on.

with love corina and her angles
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