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> Mr Meowgy The Karate Kat Is Missing, A little on my missing loved pet
post Oct 30 2015, 01:49 PM
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I have recentley lost a pet. My cat Mr Meowgy went out for his wander 4 days ago and I haven't seen him since. Usually i can set my watch by him for being there in the morning and at night.
I've tried all the advice that's given, posters, contacting local agencies, vets, knocking neighbours, and going out looking. But he hasn't shown up. I don't know if i can continue physically searching. There is a BIG BIG area to search, with lots of empty terraced houses with concrete box backyards i can't get into, huge parks, posh houses behind locked gates, and a LOT of garages and things i can't get to to check. But, i don't know if i can keep searching without a "confirmed" sighting of him to chase down. I could be wandering for hours in the complete wrong direction. And all of this is within 10 minutes walk ! I can just imagine how far he might have gone.

We've had a report or two about a cat that looks similar, or someone that has seen him before, but usually seen before he went missing.
We had a call last night from someone saying they found him, but he ran away again.

He's only been able to go out for a month or so on his own (he just figured out how to get over the back wall!), he's only about 8 - 12 months old.

I've had him since he was 6 weeks old, and he's absolutely irreplacable to me and my wife, but I in particular am not dealing with this well. I and i'm beside myself with worry. I can barely function and I keep randomly breaking down. I keep going out searching, but we have a terraced housing area where i can't get into all the alleys, and a lot of empty houses too, so he could be stuck in one of those backgardens.
Also, we have a really big park area right next to our house (he was sighted on the opposite side of it!), as well as gardening allotments, so he could have gotten into trouble there (allotment owners are known for killing cats here).

I don't know what to do, and I dont want to lose hope. I know this is in a cats nature to do, and he could reappear at any time, but i think he's getting scared more and more away from his "turf".

I'm really finding it difficult to function, it feels like time has stopped and my days are meshing together. I've hardly been able to eat. sad.gif And for a little background on me, i'm a 28 year old married man, ex soldier, and i've been bawling my eyes out for days!
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post Nov 4 2015, 06:32 PM
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Here are the tips I referred to: (I'm in Maine, but the volunteers have offered to make flyers for Meowgy and email them to you.)

We are sorry that your indoor-outdoor kitty, Fluffy, is missing. I have attached a flyer for you to post in the area. Please let me know if it needs any corrections. Are you able to print? If not, we’ll figure out a way to ensure you get flyers. Along with the standard 8 1/2 x 11 size flyers, we recommend a 4-per-page format, cut up as “mini-flyers” for handing to neighbors and people you see in the area to have for their easy reference. Put the regular flyers in plastic sleeves with the opening down. Also use wide, clear tape and seal them up to protect from rain. Large neon posters made with foam board can also be useful. We make ours using foam board with neon at one side (sold at Walmart), cut in half, place a flyer in the center, write “LOST” in big print at top with a sharpee, write “CAT” at the bottom, then wrap the entire board - front back and sides - with clear packing tape. They are very useful at busy intersections, where people can’t help but see them while stopped in their vehicles. If you are not able to make these, we are glad to make a couple for you.

We suggest 50 flyers in a 5 block area to start - goal is to generate sightings and calls and to get everyone looking in their garages, sheds - anywhere that he could be trapped. When you visit neighbors, let them know that YOU want to search their garage/shed/outbuilding, since they might say they’ll look, but not everyone follows through. Be safe, though. Bring someone with you if you don’t know the neighbors. Bring a flashlight and an open can of tuna, sardines, or stinky wet food, as you call quietly to him during your search. If you don't get any calls, expand your search area. When an indoor/outdoor cat doesn't come home as usual, that is often what happens- stuck somewhere - we’ve seen this A LOT lately! Using a flashlight, look EVERYWHERE he could be HIDING or STUCK!!!! Six cases in the last few days, in fact, were lost kitties FOUND TRAPPED in garages! The other possibility is that something drove him from his usual area and he can't find his way back home -he is most likely hiding in fear.

Please check and implement all the “ASAP TIPS" on our Facebook page and also check out Missingpetpartnership.org for info on missing cat behavior.

Facebook sharing is nice, but please keep in mind that 99% of the time, missing cats are found because of the efforts of the owner, not by posting them on the web.

As you are putting up the flyers, talk to everyone you see. Best time to search for him is evening / night or early morning when things are quiet. Take a flashlight, kennel and strong smelling food like tuna. Remember that missing cats are terrified - so they hide in silence to protect themselves -- so make a thorough search of the area paying close attention to places he could be trapped. We have also had several lost cats found stuck high up in trees, so look up, too! Scented items (his bedding and his dirty cat litter, your worn and unlaundered socks and other clothing) placed outside your home - on your steps or in your yard - can help draw him back, too. Humane traps can be extremely useful, too. Do you have access to a trap? They can be borrowed from some shelters or bought at hardware stores, or we can get one to you. They need to be monitored closely, however, ideally hourly, but two hours at the most, as Fluffy or another animal can become injured trying to escape from the trap.

Do you have access to a “game cam?” These can be very useful in getting positive IDs in an area where he might be hanging out, typically at a feeding station.

Visit shelters IN PERSON! Even if you have “filed a report,” messages can get lost, volunteers change, shelters are always busy, and many cats look alike. No one knows your cat like you and your family. The hold period for cats brought it is VERY BRIEF - just 48 hrs! Cats have been adopted out when families haven’t checked shelters in person, and the families have no recourse! IMPORTANT!!!

Please know that typically, these steps need to be repeated over and over - they’re not “one-time-only” steps.

Compassion for all animals. www.earthlings.com
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