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29 Dec 2019
My boy Lenny just turned 14 last month. His health started declining recently really quick. We took him to the vet yesterday and found out that he has a tumor on his liver that has spread into his lungs. They told us to take him home and make him comfortable. I know that heartbreaking decision is coming soon. I won't let him suffer. I just don't know what to do without him. It doesn't matter how old they are it still crushes your heart into a million pieces.
25 Oct 2016
I have been unable to log in due to my phone. I saw that my husband had posted something awhile ago. He gives me more credit than I deserve. If it wasn't for his patience and love and this forum I don't think that I would have made it through. I thank him and all of you who offered me comfort and kind words when I was so lost. I am doing better but I still hate this new normal and I always will. I still miss my Gunner and my Squiggy and I still cry at least a little every day. I just can't believe that it's been 10 months today that Gunner has been gone and 5 months tomorrow that Squiggy has been gone. It doesn't seem that long since I've held them and seen their beautiful faces. I wanted to let you know that we got a new puppy. His name is Gauge. He is almost 7 months old now. I will try to post a couple of pics of him. One pic was when we first got him and another is of him now. Thanks again for all of the support that everyone has offered me.
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21 Jul 2016
I really don't mean to snoop and look at what my wife has written on these boards but when I looked at our shared ipad this forum was open. Shannon has told me about posting here through this struggle we have gone through. I just want to thank all of you for being there for her as she grieved. She hurt so bad. The thing about it all is that I'm a strong man. I built our lake house by hand. I work hard every day and there isn't much that either scares or shakes me. But let me tell you about my wife Shannon. She is kind and sweet and always looks at the bright side of any situation. While this boy is crabby she smiles. When I am down, she lifts me up. I am a strong man, but she is stronger. She is a rock.

And it was because she has always been my rock it scared me to see her so broken. This time I could do nothing to take the pain away from her. As a man it killed me to have to grab her by the arms when she said and cried that the only thing she wanted was to have Gunner back and to have to tell her it cannot happen. I had to be straight with her and it hurt me so bad. But I couldn't let her keep the hope that it could ever happen. Words cannot describe my pain at that unfortunate task yet it was something that had to be reiterated.

Shannon and I have been together since she was 17 and I was 18. 28 years . I was a lawless young man and she was and is so saintly that I really owe her my life. Through the years she taught me humility, patience, kindness, how to love and what is important in life. I owe her my life because if it wasn't for her simple, kind heart there is no telling where this rowdy boy would have ended up. We grew up together and my life has truly been blessed with her as my partner. She is a great mom and now a fantastic grandmother. I could go on for pages about how soft and sweet she is but that is not why I'm here.

I'm here to thank you all because she is really doing so much better. Her heart will always long for what was but with your help, she has come so far along. The light shines in her eyes again and I thank you all for that.

Shannon, I'm sure you'll read this and maybe a bit surprised. I don't mean to meddle. I want these fine folks know what a great person you are.

I love you Shannon and I thank you too. I am the one who has been blessed. I owe you my life.

Your loving husband,
Eric a.k.a Gunners Daddy

Sorry for the incoherent ramblings. I'm a tradesman and not a proficient writer.
27 May 2016
I've been on here for the past few months because we lost our boy Gunner. I'm still not over the grief. Then yesterday 5 months and 1 day we lost our boy Squiggy. He was an 11 year old Boston terrier that was the most kind and sweetest little dog that you could have ever met. About 6 years ago he lost one of his eyes and then gradually lost almost all of his eyesight in the other one. He still managed to get around good. He managed to remember all of the different places that we went. We noticed a difference in his behavior after we lost Gunner and thought that he was depressed. Then as it continued we thought it was because of old age and maybe he was losing more sight in his eye. He had been to the vet a couple of months ago and he had a full panel of blood work and it showed that he was a little anemic. Then yesterday my husband called me and was frantic telling me that Squiggy was having a seizure and it was really bad. I told him to take him to the vet. I called them and then flew to the vets office. He had another seizure on the way to the vets office. When they got there they took him in the back and gave him some medicine and he had another seizure and then they had to sedate him. The vet told us that since he was older and had never had a seizure before that it was probably a brain tumor. He continued to have them while he was sedated. We had no option but to have to have him euthanized. My heart broke all over again. My husband held his paw and I pet him until he took his last breath. I'm still in shock. We brought him down to our cabin and laid him in the ground right next to Gunner. I just don't know if I can do this so soon
29 Apr 2016
I thought this was very well said.
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