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1 Apr 2012
Hi Everyone, I'm not sure why I stopped by LS tonight..It will be 4 yrs in June when I lost my boy...4yrs. wow doesn't seem that long at all. Being honest, it still hurts. I read only the 1st post I saw and I needn't go any furthur..Truely my heart breaks for all..

I spent the 1st yr of my loss, litteraly crying everyday...Didn't do much for my physical and mental health, needless to say my
relationships with friends and family..Pretty much shut myself off of everything...But, we all deal with it differently..I will never forget the support of so many people here, and I hope I helped them as much as they have helped me...

I still have a hard time looking at his pictures (even though I have them above my computer and on my locker at work and on my
i.d. badge, in my car, still.) but I just don't want to forget him and the others I've lost...About 4 mo. after my loss, I decided to voulenteer at
my local shelter and have been there ever since...It's still challanging, but it has taught me to how to "let go"..So many beautiful
animals have come and gone and so many I had become attached to, and a few I found homes for, which has brought me great joy.

I've since adopted 2 disable kitties with cerabella, that have filled my heart..(although an empty space remains)...They are so loving and fun
and are living the good life...Life has not been kind to them, but they don't know that because of the love and care we give them. They require some extra work and care, but
well worth it..And I would recommend to anyone not to be afraid of adopting a special needs pet... I know alot of you are saying never again, no more pets, can never go thru this again...but more than likely you will, and you'll know when the time is right..I have a few videos of them on youtube under "wdapcb" if anyone needs a smile, check it out.

I even found a stray in my yard that has been hanging around a few years now.(Mr. Peaches).Can not for the life of me understand how he has
survived the elements, weather and wild animals...but he has, and I feed him just about everyday..still, he won't let me go near him,
but maybe someday...that's ok..I look forward to doing it and I know he appreciates it..

I can't say my heart has healed, I can't say I'm guilt free, still, but was there a reason for all this? Maybe getting invovled in helping
animals is what I'm meant to do..Not sure....No need to reply to this post...Just wanted everyone to know that I wish all of you
a speedy recovery in your grief, and I'm sorry for your loss...I hope you all find comfort here at LS, as I did...Take Care...Ann
8 Jun 2010
My heart felt condolences goes out to each and every one of you here...Today, June 8, 2010 is the 2yr anniversary of when I had to let my beautiful boy go. Tears still flow, my heart still aches..Even though I don't stop by LS much, I will never forget the wonderful strangers who helped me get through the toughest times..I think of them from time to time and I noticed some have stopped by recently and to all who remember me ..HELLO!..and to all who remember my story that got me here, I never did see that sign kitty again. very strange. Anyways,, I hope all of you here find the comfort and peace you need.

I still do voulenteer work at the shelter..It still can be very challenging..I want to take them all home!!...I know it may not sound like much, but I have found homes for 4 of them and 1 dog (i work with just cats)...it makes my heart happy to know they all got good homes...

I now have 2 of my own..They have a condition called Cerabella Hypopalasia which causes them to woddle and fall when they walk. They are very happy and keep up smiling...They like to cuddle with my partner Dave rather than me, which makes me
quite sad..Arthur use to cuddle with me all the time and I miss that the most. Oh well. Maybe Arthur doesn't want me to a fall hard for them like I did for him smile.gif

I came across this saying recently and would like to share, it immediately made me think of the loss of my boy,

"For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains"...

Arhtur was my joy and the memories I have of him will always remain...Peace, healing, comfort and hugs to all...Ann
7 Dec 2009
Hello all, Fridays are my days to voulenteer at the shelter..I think this could be my biggest challenge of all. After checking on all the kitties in the adoption room, I checked on the ones in the back room. They are the ones recovering from sickness or surgery or just new comers.. Well, I noticed one of the cats breathing very rapidly and brought it to the workers attention. Everyone became concerned, as she showed no signs of being distressed earlier in the day. Her heart rate was rapid too. I knew something was wrong. They took her to the vet right away. I worked there today to help out with an open house function they were having and they told me they had to put her down. Her lungs were filled with fluid and she had a large growth in her chest. Gosh, I felt so bad....She was brought in as a stray, no one knew her history or how old she was.

To Leah:...I sometimes think you know you were sick and hoping for someone to love you. You were almost there. For a short time you were given shelter, food and care. I wish I could have been with you to hold you and let you know you are loved (at least by me, even though we didn't get to know eachother). I hope peace, happiness and love surrounds you at the bridge...xo

This is tough..They say it doesn't hurt so much when your not attached..either way, it still tugs at the heart strings...Ann
26 Nov 2009
Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving..I truely know how hard these (holidays) are for us who are suffering the loss of a beloved friend..Hugs, peace, and healing to all..(always missing my Arthur)
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25 Aug 2009
To Little Dave: I truely am going to miss you. The way you gracefully swam around your bowl, and how you loved to watch me eat and it would make you eat too!...When it was time to clean your house you'd swim right into your net without a fight. I have to admit I was getting a little annoyed when it was time to feed you and have to pick out the special "bits" in your food since you didn't like those fishy flakey things. But that was my fault, only I can spoil a fish. It was fun to watch you looking at the fish in the aquaium photos I printed and put up against your bowl. I think you fell in love with that little yellow fish. You took my mind off of Arthur from time to time and even though you were "just a fish" I did enjoy your company. happy.gif \

Rest in peace BuddyAttached Image

In case anyone is wondering: I did not flush him!!...He got a nice little buriel wrapped in the aquaium photo he so much loved to look at. biggrin.gif ....sadly this photo was taken less than 24hrs b4 he passed..
(happily swimming with the big fishys now)...Ann
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