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> I Love You, Gretta, We're in our new house - hey our friends are here too!
My Doxie and Me
post Dec 26 2015, 08:55 PM
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Hello Gretta it's one day after Christmas and many years after your passing, Yet you have touched many as to this day still saving life's with all the love
that you have... As you walk in the cold looking for your special person, One that will understand and speak your words awaits a great gift...
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Thank you Gretta you may have been left out in the cold that day you where all alone... Yet a Beautiful human tells your story by flames. As you lay
your heart on Angels wing and dream in the warmth by fire dance upon are everlasting Thoughts in each person that reads your words
Life is born from Tear;s that fall from your true friend as these tear;s Build a bridge so others may cross to hold a loved one as they Whisper;....
Attached File  cMMD06_angelwings_fs.jpg ( 11.49K ) Number of downloads: 1

Mom my heart and soul are always with you, Each tear that falls from you to me is a bridge of friendship that will connect us in this life and the next;...
You saved me from that cold..You held me as your own;...As I sit with eyes closed... I will always Love you;....
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You saved my life that day...The Great Gretta I speak my name; How could I not be proud.. Your efforts as you lay by my side; as whispers reach around
the world;... I whisper my thoughts onto you.... And I can hear the calls on Mountain Tops...
as I place my paw within your Dreams... I whisper... I Love you...
Attached File  crkviceorjen_sedlo_026.jpg ( 43.07K ) Number of downloads: 1

Are friends carry a Beautiful message, Sometimes it's hard to see in the endless tears that darken are path they lead us on after life...

Forgive me my friend I did hold back.. Seems it just lasted one day;) I had to say thankyou for this Christmas was joyful... Thanks to you;)
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<What Child is this- Maddie Wilson#ASaviorIsBorn>
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Gretta's Mom
post Jan 12 2016, 06:42 AM
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O My Doxie

What wonderful images these are and what beautiful and touching poetry accompanies them. Though my eyes are filled with tears as I sleep with the beautiful, soft pillow I had made for Gretta, my heart is always warmed and grateful for you and your tributes to the greatest chocolate lab who ever lived and loved.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
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My Doxie and Me
post Mar 13 2016, 08:39 PM
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Pillow of Tears of a friend I have lost...
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Please contribute if you have lost and if another has helped In your healing....
Attached File  6f7e0a8b4470651e2da85b8ba0ffac6b.jpg ( 29.12K ) Number of downloads: 1

this is my way of saying thank you in behalf of those who have touched my heart.

<This is just the LS friend's Organization I have Healed from;)> Because of this site I Have made many donations and in doing
so it helps me;.. yet brings me closer in understanding why I lost my best friend in that moment;.. she was not mine to hold;..

So I help others in her Behalf and in doing so I have healed my path....

<Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your best friends <Moment in Time)>
Attached File  post_7200_1376962331.jpg ( 4.79K ) Number of downloads: 0

Gretta you have changed many lives, And you have touched the Hearts of thousands with your kind act..
Helping a Poor Human;) as you rest your head eye's close; a life story is told for a friend as we sit by flames and listen..

Attached File  hands.gif ( 28.91K ) Number of downloads: 0

I have Donated in behalf

Alley Animals
I have Donated in Behalf
for Trevor and Gretta

It's a Pettit Rescue
I have Donated in Behalf
for the Ambassador

Cache Creek
I have Donated in Behalf
For my Jen....
Attached File  thS6W5MCIU.jpg ( 14.93K ) Number of downloads: 1

North shore animal League
I have Donated in Behalf
My Bully friend;... As he Lay's by are feet as we type are heart felt;....
Love ya Mr. Jake;..
Attached File  post_7200_1370046853.jpg ( 32.39K ) Number of downloads: 1

Attached File  475937_orig.jpg ( 92.37K ) Number of downloads: 0

LS would love to see a special place so others can view a wall and donate in Honor of...

The Great Gretta in Honor of...
Mr. Rufus in Honor of...
My dear friend in Honor of...

<Heart felt words>

Donate in behalf of...Your friends Beginning...
Attached File  dog_puppy_in_shelter_cage_270x2241.jpg ( 26.37K ) Number of downloads: 0

Hello...My friend...Can you hear me....From the other Side..

Attached File(s)
Attached File  post_7200_1376962331.jpg ( 4.79K ) Number of downloads: 0
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My Doxie and Me
post May 1 2016, 09:09 PM
Post #264

Group: Pet Lovers
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Missing my LS friend..

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My Doxie and Me
post Dec 13 2017, 08:29 PM
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Hello, my friend the ink in my pen is running out...
Or is it the Tear's drying from my eye;s...
As i approach my last stop I am thinking of...
I can't thank you enough for reaching out...

<I can see a reflection of your Heart>
Attached File  0809290636411sisters_for_bp.jpg ( 126.85K ) Number of downloads: 0

The Great Gretta standing behind the one she loves most as her friend cooks for her:)...
Mr. Rufu's In many tales and looking down a row...<He found his Angel>
Your story has changed my life...
Attached File  thSWD1UQOD.jpg ( 15.84K ) Number of downloads: 0

Now to my Friend Bobbie;

I wish i could have opened my heart sooner as you reached out as i was so broken;...
Attached File  8632636219_51c97a9696_m.jpg ( 22.52K ) Number of downloads: 0

So i sat and listened and we talked and i watched Mr. Trevors picture riding next to you in a glove compartment
sitting on many thoughts and unable to reach you with all your kind doings as you listen to children play
in a Hospital room as you have such a warm smile....

I cant think of a better way to listen to your journey....

<<Tom Day Lost and Found>>
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My Doxie and Me
post Dec 24 2017, 10:00 PM
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<Carol of Bells - Spaced out Studio & Vizzwar - Barlow Girl>
Happy holidays my Friend that bright shining star is a great attraction a beacon of light
that sits high on a tree With a Glow of a Beautiful Heart for others...
Attached File  the_weeping_willow.jpg ( 87.84K ) Number of downloads: 0

By telling you're friends journey with pure heart others follow and remember the beauty
and pain in ones... As i must kneel for a friend with a beautiful voice that echoes in time
with memories that sing within the shadows of pure light...

Attached File  post_7200_1419042544.png ( 47.81K ) Number of downloads: 0

You asked for a poem I give you a Song for Mr. Trevor and my Friend Bobbie....

I remember and i kneel for All my friends...with joyful tears;...

I have memories for a lifetime and friendships that have passed that have great meaning
with lessons that still teach to this day as iam a better person for reaching out on LS as i piece
together my own journey as we all walk together...
Attached File  thXGSHKPE8.jpg ( 6.61K ) Number of downloads: 0

Best Wishes my Friend a very merry Doxie Christmas;)
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