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> My Cat Scrambles Missing Since Sun Oct 3 2010
post Oct 7 2010, 01:31 PM
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I just responded to another post here with a missing kitty and realized I need to post also if only to put it out there. My indoor/outdoor cat Scrambles went missing 4 days ago. My Scrambles is a rescue kitty just over 2 years ago my kids brought her to me she was maybe 3 weeks old. I had just put my dog to sleep the winter before and said no more pets but I couldn't let her die. She is my animal companion and just can't stay inside all the time I tired so hard but she looooooves it outside. She is the cuddliest cat and hugs and kisses me and drapes all over me sleeping bats at my legs outside and in the house she is just the most affectionate responsive kitty I've ever known. I am crazy with grief and physically & emotionally exhausted from everything we've been doing and going through the past 4 days to find her. Its like life has changed completely in the space of a day, and won't ever be the same. I worry she is stuck, injured, displaced. I live in a very populated area. So many things coudl have happened. We've been searching, flyering, canvassing the neighborhood I've been at the shelter every day. So many great resources on the internet to help know what all to do are posted on this site thank you everyone for all the leads. Few people understand what this is like and many 'friends' are like... it's been 3 days you won't find her now' or 'just wait till she comes back' and two friends in particular are very angry with me that I won't come see them this weekend... they live 4 hours away. There is no way I'm even going anywhere that I do not absolutely have to go. They keep leaving me messages about coming up. I can't help but hate them right now. I am sick today, I think from exhaustion and of course the day she leaves it started raining and it rained for the past 4 days... it almost never rains here. We've walked hours in the rain and have had to replace posters every night. I hope the rain contributed to her being away and hope that with the weather clearing it will contribute to her coming back. Every muscle hurts from walking for hours and hours at night. I don't care about anything but her coming back. I let my kitty out mid-day on a Sunday which I usually would wait until night... I think about that moment over and over and over. Is it because of that something happened. she's been out mid-days before but I usually don't like to let her out during the day so much activity going on with people etc. I think... should I have made her be an indoor cat. she wasn't chipped yet...that was something I planned on doing. She didn't wear a collar/tags. That was something I should have done. I went to sleep Sunday night right next to the open window.. I"d always bring her in at night but a few times she'd stay out and wake me up like at 5am to come in... even when it wasn't late she'd come up to the window to meow to go in and many times I'd open the door and she'd not meowed but just be lazing around there. She always made me come out to pick her up to bring her in. If I was out and she wanted to come in she'd run up in front of me and plop herself down all limp to be picked up. I put some food and her litter box out on back porch last night. We live in an apt complex but I have a little tiny back yard/patio. Neither were touched. I don't think she is coming back around I think she is either displaced or holed up somewhere from injury/scared/or maybe the rain I don't know. I keep imagining seeing her and when I search for her I imagine hearing her everywhere. I miss her so much and feel so empty and worried and just want to find her. Thx for hving this forum.
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post Oct 8 2010, 03:32 AM
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Dear ScramblesMom
Scrambles sure is a beautiful Kitty. Here in Uk black cats are a symbol of 'Good Luck'. Do you have that same saying. Lucky Black Cat! I am so sad that your dear Scrambles is missing, but I do hope and pray that soon you will be posting on here that she is back home safe and sound.

I'm afraid I don't have much 'Kitty' experience, but I have seen many indoor/outdoor kitties, and dogs too, posted as missing on this forum over the last year, and so many have posted that they are eventually found. Please try and stay positive. You are doing everything that you can , the more people who know she is missing the more chance of her being found. She will probably just wander back in , when she's ready.... I do hope that is soon as you must be at your wits end.
Dottie (AngelCareOne) has posted some very useful tips and information on here for 'Jeff' who is also searching for his dear Kitty. I'm sure you will have followed some of her links. Moonbeam also has great experience and knowledge about Kitty behaviour. You mustn't feel bad about letting her out as thats what she loves to do. Kitty's do love to 'roam', it's in their nature, but from what I see they usually return........ but only when they are ready.
Keep posting the posters, especially where dog walkers pass. Like me they will take an interest in all our dear fur/feather babies and may have seen her on their walks. We have a little poster on a tree at the start of our dog walk, stating that a 6 week old kitten has been found. A six year old Westie went missing in our area, last year and the owners posted her photo on just about every tree and lamp post around town, she was returned after about 6 months, safe and healthy. Somehow she had got to the next county, and the new 'owners' saw her photo in their local paper and recognised her. Also pugsmom on here had her baby Chloe, returned after 3 weeks.
Please know that I am sending my thoughts and prayers, and a big HUG to you.
Jan and my Angels and Pixie xx
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post Oct 8 2010, 08:30 AM
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Dearest ScramblesMom,

What an awesome beautiful kitty! I'm so sorry hear she's been missing for 5 days now. Nothing much worse than not knowing as I'm there myself. To save time, I'm going to link you to a four page thread titled "Please Help!" located just two posts below yours. Since your kitty is also an indoor-outdoor kitty, all the same applies because Jeff's missing kitty is also an indoor/outdoor kitty. Only his is male, 6 years old and neutered. Still, I posted tons of very valuable information for Jeff. If I were you, I'd read through the entire thread since it's so short, but please click below for the direct link to page one ...

Please Help!

ScramblesMom, here are the posts with valuable information. The further you read, the more in-depth information you'll get including resources, videos, free National Lost Pet Registries and more. Please at least see the following posts ...

Post #3 May or may not apply to you.

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Please read what I've written as well, too. Especially since I took a different direction after hearing more about Jeff's kitty. You'll find lots and lots of terrific help for you and Scrambles both! Hope to hear good news soon!

You're both in my thoughts and prayers. Many Comforting Hugs!!!

Always, Dottie xoxoxox
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post Oct 8 2010, 06:44 PM
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Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement and suggestions it means so much. It's difficult to manage people's input that puts me on the defensive as to why I am still looking (after only 5 days!). It helps everything to know people understand, have experienced the same thing, are encouraging to not give up hope that she may return or be found. Thank you.
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post Oct 9 2010, 11:27 AM
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Hi, ScramblesMom, just checking into this forum and saw your post. I, too, am very sorry about your missing Scrambles. What a handsome lad he is!! Jan and Dottie have said everything so eloquently. I just want to add that I, too, am thinking about you and hope and pray that you will soon be reunited with your precious Scrambles. Just keep doing what you're doing - - please don't give up hope.

Just as a thought that came to mind - - do you have a local radio station? Do they do public announcements, hopefully for free? If so, you might try contacting the manager to see if they will do a public service announcement about your Scrambles. Also, sometimes the local TV channels have public service announcements they run for free, and maybe you could post a "lost" announcement there. I think the TV stations will allow a photo, too. And you might check with your local cable TV service as well. You just never know what combination of "things" will lead to being re-united with your precious Scrambles.

Please know you and your precious Scrambles are in my thoughts and prayers, ScramblesMom, and please do let us know how things are going.

Peace and blessings,

In heaven's perfect garden there is no grief or pain, and all of God's creation join the angels' sweet refrain.

The most blessed way I have of knowing God's comforting love and grace is to look into the eyes and heart of God's creatures' sweet angelic face.
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post Oct 10 2010, 09:40 AM
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Oh this makes me cry, it's devastating when pets go missing. I really hope and pray you get Scrambles back. xx

madi xx
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