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5 Jul 2009
Hello all.
I need some advice on how I should act in regards to some viscious boxers that belong to my neighboors. My next door neigboors have three boxers.
two females an one male. These dogs are enclosed but, they have attacked two neighboor hood cats the second last night. which happend to be my neighboors female cat. I am sure that there will be some that say since the cat went into thier yard that the dogs were only defending thier yard.

Well I have reasons to say otherwise. several mos ago, all three dogs escaped thier enclosuer and were outside thier home. One of the females chased my
husband up the stairs to our apartment. He was so scared that he called the police. Well her white female charged the police officer who came out to investigate. They were damn lucky he didnt shoot and kill her. That problem was repaired and has not happend since.

my neighboor had rescued one of the females and said that she had been abused. I was always uncomfortable arround those dogs. they even charge at the
fence holding them. They do not like cats and last night I heard the attack which was my neighboors very sweet female.

The owner was at least responsible enough to come over and let them know that it was her cat that got attacked. I keep all of my cats inside because of this now. They went on a search for the cat that was attacked. She has been found alive but not unscathed. Her mouth and head are mangaled.
I would not have been so nice as the cats owner was to the dog owner.

I dont think that the dog owner should have viscious animals. And this second attack just proved it. I can only hope that they will do the right thing. They are not safe dogs. I know that they had rescued these dogs but I dont think that she really learned the real history of these dogs.
I dont know what the cats owner is going to do. But, I will sit back and see what unfolds. I am only praying that these dogs are removed and destroyed for
they are not the type of dogs I want in my neighboorhood. Everyone is trying to keep thier heads right now.

26 Sep 2008

Hello all,
I have noticed lately that Boo has started becoming more agressive towards the other cats mainly the other kittens.
He is hisssing and swating. He never used to behave like this. Could it be that he is jealous ? Or he just does not want to share his space with the other little ones? He used to get along with all the cats. But lately he seems more angry than usual.

I am going to try and find a home for the last remaining kitten this weekend. I dont think that Boo would really hurt the other kitten but, I think that I need to get things back to normal for Boo asap. I know that he is not real happy with the living arrangements right now. What can I do in the meanitime to maintain peace in my household for all of us?

Boo, Poppy, Muse, Nyzki ohmy.gif
26 Sep 2008
Well, I have some good news to report. with the recent neutering of Muse today, there are no longer any uneutered animals in my small complex. I had gotten on some of my neighbours about thier uneutered male and with another badgereing he was finally fixed this mo as well. well there is one left but he is as too little to be neutered but, his owner is responsible and will get it done when he a few mos older. I feel really good. Knowing that there will be no more females in my building that will be having unwanted litters.

And, I will keep getting the message out PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS !

Boo, Poppy, Muse, Nyzki : smile.gif
10 Sep 2008

Well, My guy just brought me one of my neighbors kittens to me. I guess that this kitten needs some gentleing since he is a bit of a wild one. Well ok. It was a bit of a surprise but a responsibility that I will take on. I am going to help find homes for the other four. He looks alot like jons Iggy. He is so tiny but with my love and attention he will get alot of love and nurturing.

It is fun to have another tiny kitten in the house again. Muse is the last kitten I had. But, he is so big now. I just hope that I can get him gentled enough to find him a descent and loving home.

Boo, Poppy, Muse, Nyzki wub.gif
5 Jun 2008

Well as you have read in some of my previous posts that I have mentioned My new kitten Muse.
I am here to formally introduce her to you all . Her name is Muse, a playful variation to the sound that they make. And, some reference to the muses of Greek Mythology. And, she is my muse.

She, is two mos old and is a long haired grey tiger stripped tabby and, as soon as i get some pics of here I will be adding them on here so you all can see just how cute she is.

She, is half sister to Boo, so I am keeping a family thing going here. And, she will be the last cat for awhile. Three is enough right now. Not that I wouldnt mind more but, you have to use good judgement in what is reasonable.

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