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Ceaserthings is dedicated to Ceaser and the other pets who knew him.
Only the closest people and pets who really knew Ceaser will know what Ceaser does that are Ceaser things.
I love you Ceaser!!!
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5 May 2010

[size="4"][color="#2F4F4F"] It has been one year since Ceaser died.
Ceaser started to get sick a day before and I
still regret not taking him to the ER right away!!!
I never wanted him to suffer that much had I know how much pain he actually was in!.....
He passed away the following day which will be tomorrow at 12:30 pm.

(will return tonight with more detailed description of Ceaser's death and events that took place right before and after his death)

Think about Ceaser everyday!!!! still painful...I don't think will ever really go away...?
31 Oct 2009

Dear Ceaser...

Last year at this time....I was shopping last minute for your costume...I picked out a pirate ..you were a pirate.
I still I have your costume hanging nicely in the closet to remember you by....
This Halloween, I will be thinking of you as I know you will be there tonight when Cale goes trick or treating ...you will be there like you were last year.
I made a hand knitted trick or treat bag for Cale with some of your dedicated yarn so you will be a part of it.
A friend of mine is painting your picture this Halloween and will be thinking of you as well while working on that...so Ceaser ...you are still here!!!!
Nobody will really think or feel you here as much as I will this Halloween...
I will see you tonight if not you are already here....SO are all the other pets who are in heaven...they will visit us all tonight!!

Have a Great Halloween everybody and look forward to having Ceaser here tonight!!

Because Ceaser does Ceaser thiiiiings.....

9 Oct 2009
I know we are all missing our pets and our beloved loyal best friends...it is still painful and it will be always I think...
I still miss my Ceaser and I still hurt...
The good news is that is they will visit you and you have that to look forward to....I saw Ceaser again in full this time!!
He was in my dream and I really did feel like it was real...I was able to hug and feel Ceaser....I saw him and I felt like o...he came back and even in my dream I was making sure I wasn't just dreaming...it felt so real....it was just a dream but at least I saw him...I am very happy...they still know you and they still are there for you.
So a little uplifting info for those who are missing their loved one....I know how it feel....he did not pass a peaceful death...he struggled and I was there...it was very very painful so I know how bad it is when losing your pet.
Take care....I hope somebody else have had this happen to them?
Ceaser you are always with me
3 Sep 2009

It has been almost 5 months since my Ceaser died an awful death.
I wish I could say that he went peacfully but he struggled and fought in pain
Until he died in front of me. I had some painfree months where I was visited by him and felt good about where he is now...
But for some reason lately...( ijust moved to NV and am in a new place) I feel a strong longing for Ceaser and miss him very much
I feel very guilty still and wish I could have eased his suffering sooner....I feel so bad for him and It feels like it had just happened.
I do not know why this is all of the sudden...I have his urn and his scrapbook which I have been working on but stopped due to the move maybe that is why,
I also have a big frame with his pictures for his memorial frame....for some reason I am having a very hard time with his death even 5 months after the fact.
I needed to express this...thanks for reading! very very sad! sad.gif
17 Jul 2009

I don't know what it is, but I am still having difficulties with the death of Ceaser....oI still feel guilty about the day he died and what was said to the Vet and all..I know it is not my fault and Ceaser has visited me and everything is good. i have not been able to work on his scrapbook so it has been a little difficult. I need to get to Micheals to pick some new embellishments and some more paper and then the book is done, I have about 3 more pages to go and some more writing.
I guess I am just needing to write somewhere as this is therapeutic for me....I really miss Ceaser....and when he does Ceaser things!!!
Thanks for reading....I guess I just needed to express that!
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