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28 Dec 2011
Thank you.
25 Nov 2011
Just over a year ago, I lost one of my youngest pets, Jet. It was a terrible illness. I have other cats, so I didn't feel the need to adopt another right away. I hung Jet's picture on my bedroom wall so I could see him each day when I went to bed and woke up, just as I always had. I missed my boy.

Dasher (another young, black cat) was Jet's very best friend. They were always together. After Jet's passing, Dasher played with the others, but none were as young as Dasher and none played hard like Dasher and Jet liked to play. I knew Dasher missed his brother.

There was a young, black cat named "Black Jack" that I had seen at my local Petco. Black Jack had been adopted as a kitten by a family that was not allowed to have cats in their apartment. When the landlord found out, he was relinquished to the local humane society. So, he was at Petco as an offsite location for the humane society. There was just something about Black Jack.

One day, Petco had a professional photographer at the store, and I took Dasher there to get is picture taken. Dasher cried the whole way there in the car and was completely beside himself by the time we got to the store. As we waited for our appointment, I asked Dasher if he wanted to meet Black Jack. We went into the adoption room for a meet and greet. Dasher went over to the corner and sat there crying and panting. He was not happy about his road trip. One of the associates opened Black Jack's cage for us, and Black Jack jumped out, ran over to Dasher and put his head against him as if to say, "It's okay, friend."

So, Black Jack came home with us. As we were on our way home, a friend called and had a medical emergency in his family and needed me to pick him up ASAP. I ran in my house with Dasher and Black Jack. I looked at Black Jack and didn't know what to do. I didn't have time to set him up in his own room like I had planned. Black Jack was a very calm cat and my cats are very polite and used to strangers (I foster a lot), so I just let him loose in the house and ran back out the door to help my friend.

When I came back home an hour later, Black Jack was nowhere to be seen. I was angry at myself for not setting him up properly, and assumed he was hiding somewhere in the house. After a quick scan downstairs, I went upstairs. I found Black Jack sitting on my bed and staring at Jet's picture on the wall. I sat down beside him, petted his sweet face and asked, "Do you know him?"

At night when I am trying to sleep and brace myself for the stampede that is Dasher and Black Jack, there is no doubt in my mind that Black Jack was at my local Petco for a reason. Jet had guided him there.
12 Oct 2011
I foster cats locally and have for years. Some have stayed for a while to recover from illness, while others just enjoy the room and board when the shelters are full.

Over a year ago, I fostered a cat named "Star". When there was room, she went back to the shelter and was actually adopted by a family I knew. I was happy because they appeared to be picture perfect pet owners. I have now learned that things are not always as they appear.

About a month and a half ago, the family contacted me and told me that Star was not using her litter box. They wanted her out of the house because she was ruining their hardwood floors. So, I drove to their area to pick her up. I didn't want anything bad to happen to her because cats turned in to shelters with "litter box issues" have a giant strike against them from the get go.

The family adopted an eight pound cat. They gave me back a FOUR POUND CAT. As much as the anger and rage wanted to be unleashed, I knew that she needed help and that had to come before anything. I grabbed her and drove straight to my emergency vet. Basically every organ was failing at that point, but they saw a glimmer of hope and thought it was worth at least trying to save her.

She was hospitalized and put on IV fluids and I was sent home with fluids, as well. Every day I did fluids and two other medications. But even though I got her up to five pounds, we didn't win this battle. Star passed away in my arms. She was looking up at me and didn't even flinch during the procedure.

I never thought anything could break my spirit, but this did. I take comfort in the fact that she was MY cat when she passed away and she will be waiting for ME at the Rainbow Bridge and not those who neglected her. When I picked up her remains, the death certificate also helped some. It had the name I gave her and not the name they gave her, and my family name was listed after "beloved pet of...".

Another bad part is...I don't want to foster anymore. I keep thinking about what became of all the other cats I cared for. I don't know how to get past this point.

Thanks for listening. People here understand, and I always appreciate that.
12 May 2011
I am in the process of ending a relationship. One of the hot topics was my significant other's minpin. The dog was very aggressive toward my furry family. After unsuccessful trials, it was obvious that the animals would not mix. Of course, the blame was placed on me. But, I was just not comfortable with the dog. I have to protect my little ones, so I followed my gut instinct.

The minpin ended up remaining in a home with a chihuahua and a small mixed breed, where he had lived for many years. The chihuahua is a retired therapy dog and the sweetest little thing in the world. I believe she is around twelve-years-old now.

The other day, my ex alerted me that the chihuahua was playing with the minpin, as she had hundreds of times in the past. The minpin suddenly ripped the chihuahua's eye from the socket.

While I am relieved that I could recognize this potential and was able to protect my babies, my heart is broken for this chihuahua. What a devastating injury for a senior dog - for ANY dog! I pray every night that this will heal fast and any infections will be avoided. I know that animals can overcome obstacles, and I hope the chihuahua can adjust to her new disability without too much difficulty.

Any prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated. This is such a tragedy.
15 Dec 2010
After Jet (avatar) passed, I was in no hurry to adopt another cat. His loss continues to be very painful. However, I foster cats for a local shelter and one in particular was having problems getting over some sort of respiratory infection. She had been on three medications from the shelter vets with no improvement. I finally took her to my own vet, and a medication they provided is doing the trick. Thank goodness!

KitKat is deaf, blind in one eye, and has permanent damage to her nasal cavity due to the infection. Plus, she is a black cat, and they are least likely to be adopted. Since she fits in so nicely with my furry family and since the shelter she is from is not no-kill, I have welcomed KitKat as a permanent resident. smile.gif

Sorry for the poor cell phone picture.
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