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29 Jul 2012
Smarty's journey with our family began almost exactly five years ago in Raleigh, NC. He hitched a ride in a small trailer behind my husband's service truck. He jumped out and it took me several days to ease him into our house. Lots of food in dishes moved closer & closer to the door & eventually inside. We were headed for a month long vacation so asked a friend who loved cats and had lost his two not long before this to keep him while we were gone. He said he may want to keep him so we told him he could if he wanted to or we'd take him back if he didn't work out. Well he really loved the cat so made his home with him for the next year and a half. Upon our friends' death, our daughter took Smarty to care for him.

In 2011 we moved Smarty across the country to North Dakota......... long ride for him but he did good. Today he took his last car ride out to our farmstead to rest in his favorite bed in the trees near the garden. He had gotten hard to touch, hid a lot, difficult with the other pets in the family but all the tests we'd had done did not show anything of concern. With a new cat in the family we thought that was the problem & it should work itself out with more time as well as trying to work with him. Today he climbed into a chair near the window and just laid his head down no longer responding so we knew the time was near. Since he did not seem to be suffering we kept him home but planned to take him in tomorrow morning should he survive the night.

About 9 this evening Smarty took his final car ride, in his favorite bed to the farmstead to rest in that bed underneath the trees near the garden. We hope he had a better life as a result of that first trailer ride to begin as well as end his journey with us. Who knows what may have been his fate? Five years is short and we know not what took him but he joins his Daddy Brooks and we know they will be happy together once again. We will forever wonder what happened as he was eating normally until yesterday. He died peacefully in the chair, near the open window.

RIP Smarty Pants!!!
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15 Mar 2012
Well Miss Floss, here I sit sad as can be remembering today you would be 21. What a feisty little white ball of fur you were when we picked you out. 17-1/2 years of joy we had together. This has been the very hardest year for me since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I lost your Grandma & Auntie both exactly 2 months apart so now I don't even have them to talk to on the phone like always.

However, WeeBee who I know you sent our way as well as Mr. Jingles fill my days with love. How I wish you'd have been able to enjoy our farm and freedom rather than always having to walk on a leash unless we took you out away from the hustle & bustle of the city. We do have one small problem with new neighbors that are over 1/2 mile from us now as they have 7 very big dogs that they let run and they come in the yard often. I've contacted them twice now about it and much as I hate to cause trouble I cannot risk something happening to WeeBee, Jingles or Tango. With 160 acres & only one neighbor in the area I cannot let my 3 in their own front yard without worrying. You know how protective I am!!!!

I did not sleep well last night thinking of you and my other losses but since I "assigned" Jingles your birthday I'm counting the blessings of his presence. He's my soul mate, companion, apple of my eye and a very affectionate kitty.

So we will celebrate both birthday's today as well as Kim's, who you met twice, as it is her birthday today also.

You know I love you still with all my heart and I know you have no medical issues where you are now so until we meet again....................

Be a good girl.................. Love, Mom
30 Oct 2010
You are still my special girl.
I still miss you every day.
I still have a big hole in my heart.
I still remember so many things you did as a puppy.
I still remember how brave you were.
I still remember how spoiled you were.

I will always remember your funny walk.
I will always remember how you waited for me every day.
I will always remember how you loved your Saturday sausage biscuits.
I will always remember how you loved your McDonalds ice cold water in a cup.
I will always remember.................. everything about you.

We sent another Angel, Sasha, to join you..... please be kind to her & don't chase her like you did Baby. She is a very special girl too and a nice black kitty like your buddy Doofus.

It has been a very lonely two years without you..... I will always love you my special girl. Love Always, Mom
29 Oct 2010
Five short days with this kitty who stole my heart right away. She came to our farm on Saturday and was sooooo loving and happy to be in from the weather. Called the vet on Monday for an appointment to have her checked and get her shots and make arrangements to spay her. Figured someone dropped her off as we have no nearby neighbors. She was very thin but thought she may be pregnant.

Had a blizzard for two days and I was so glad I had seen her out by the barn on Saturday. It was obvious she had been someone's pet as she was very loving to everyone and had been around other cats & dogs. She had no fear and made herself at home in one of the bedrooms.

The news at the vet when we took her in to be checked was that she was not pregnant, was 2-3 years old which surprised me as she was a very petite little thing, had been spayed but the blood test was not good. Feline Leukemia! Though she had only been here 5 days I was devistated at this news.

Alternatives for this beautiful soul were so slim that I really had none. Can't turn her out again to spread the disease and suffer, we have other cats in the household, very slim chance to find her a home with other cats with the disease in our area.....

We brought her home to bury where she had at least five days of food, warmth & love. She will be the beginning of our pet cemetary that will be in an area that I have always wanted to put a bench for people to sit & enjoy the tranquil feeling that place has. Very fitting for such a sweet girl.

She went to the Rainbow Bridge knowing I loved her as I stayed with her to the end and told her how sorry I was. She joined Lady exactly 2 years to the day and just 2 days before my beloved Flossie's 2 year angelversary. My heart is broken once again.

Edited to add some pictures of this sweet girl. A couple her first day & the others 2 days later. She closed her eyes because of the flash. You can see how small she was in the one by the pillows.

RIP Sasha
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23 Oct 2010
Today I thought I spotted a black cat out in the yard around a couple of the buildings. So I watched a while & sure enough, into the old barn it went. I went down to check it out, opened the door & it scurried out one of the openings. Darted off a ways and when I talked to her she stopped & laid down rolling on the grass.

Since our closest neighbors are 1/2 mile and 2+ miles away this cat must have been dumped. Makes me sick that people do such things. She is very, very loving and had no hesitation about coming indoors so it's obvious she's been a pet at some point. She is a small cat, very thin but I'm sure she is pregnant. There is absolutely no way I can turn this cat away but not so sure we can handle another new addition. We just added a great big cat who has now lost down to 22 lb. That addition was difficult enough but an expectant Mom will be a real challenge with a dog who loves to chase the other new one.

It is about to get pretty cold here now with snow predicted within the next few days. I've given her one of Flossies beds, fed her & have her in our well insulated storage building for tonight. She will at least be warmer than she has been for the last few nights. I cannot have her as an outside cat since we have coyotes around and a pair of Horned Owls make their home here.

How in the world do cats find me? I am a real sucker for cats and this is not a shared feeling in my household. She's not dumb though, she has been all over my hubby's lap & rubbed all over him when he walks around!

Wish me luck in trying to do what is right for this poor kitty...............

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