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11 May 2011
A letter from my heart for my gorgeous Sunshine boy, Gunna Smudge Talbot – passed away on the 14th April 2011 at 5.30PM – leaving a huge hole in our hearts and lives – we miss you darling boy
The story of Gunna Smudge Talbot
To my Gunna
How it all began
It was Easter 2006 and we were at home and I was pestering your Dad about getting a dog, he was unsure but when I said that we have no kids and so much love to give then I think I was finally winning him round. We went into the local pub that weekend and all the usual crowd were there and our friend Rick walked in with the most handsome looking dog I had ever seen, we spoke to Rick and he told us the sad story. Ricks Mum was in hospital and he went to see her that week and she was worried that she hadn`t seen Burt (Ricks Brother) so Rick said he would go and check up on him. When Rick went to Burts flat he discovered that his Brother had in fact died maybe 3-4 days before and you were just laying under a table, you had had no food or water for we don`t know how long and were quite skinny. Anyway Rick took you and then he had to go and see his Mum to give her the bad news, sadly the shock of that news ended up killing his Mum too the very next day.
Rick was unsure as to what to do about you he really wanted to keep you but worked shifts of 4 days on and 4 days off. By the time Rick had finished telling the story Your Dad and me were already in love with you. We said to Rick that we would love to have you and would he let us know what he decided. He wanted to think about whether he could keep you but a couple of days later your Dad got a call to say that you were ours and that we could pick you up that night, we never ever looked back from that day forward.

You took a while to settle in and from the trauma you had suffered you were losing your fur in big clumps and you didn`t want us to brush you. We had a holiday booked before you joined us so we left you with your Nan & Granddad for two weeks and it didn`t take them long to fall in love with you too, you even started to let your Granddad brush your coat and when we got back you were looking lovely, you were drinking a cup of tea when we got there. Because we hadn`t had you long before we went you were a little unsure, then you started to wag your tail and jumped around in a circle when you realised that your Dad was home, you were a proper daddies boy. We took you back home with us and we were tired so up to bed we went with you trying to beat us up there, we got in bed and you were there getting all excited, licking your Dad`s arm and mine, you loved to do that, and we loved it too, I often looked forward to a good arm or leg wash. Sometimes you would get to hot on the bed and decide to get down onto the floor or your own bed, you would slide off the bed just like a crocodile. You would often wake us up in the morning, normally your Dad by putting your lovely cold wet nose on his back and when he told you “another 10 Minutes” you would slope off back to be only to get up again within minutes and come around and start to nose the alarm clock in the hope that you could get it to go off, you were just too cute to get cross with so up we would get and trot downstairs and let you in the garden for a wander and a sniff around. Then you would come bounding in tail wagging ready to start the day, always happy and raring to go, unlike me and your Dad. You didn`t like being left on your own so we tried to work it that you weren`t very often, your Nan & Grandad loved you so much that they often had you there while we were at work.
Your Dad loved to take you out for an early morning walk down to the park and you loved it too, all those different smells and all those scruffy tails ( Squirrels ) to bark at and try to get, I don`t know what you would have done had you ever got one though. You never liked to walk with me on your own, I guess I just wasn`t your Dad, like I said a real Daddies boy until you wanted your dinner then you were in front of me wiggling your bum from side to side, waggling that beautiful tail of yours, I always knew what you wanted as when I said dinner your eyes went as wide as saucers and you would start jumping around and run to the kitchen. Your used to stuff your dinner down, it wasn`t until later that we started to have to coax you to eat your food, unless it was sausage and mash and then you never needed telling twice and you would get it everywhere, mash on your nose always looked so cute. You always knew how cute you were too, you were very clever at getting whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it, me and your Dad could never say no to you, whenever I did say no your Dad would always look at you and gently say “ your Mum says no “. You made him melt every time you looked at him like butter wouldn`t melt, you knew exactly what you were doing you cheeky monkey. If I ever told you off just a little bit you would look at me as if to say “ who do you think you are talking to, don`t you know who I am “ and you always made me smile then when you would smooch ever and put your wet nose in my hand, how could I be cross with you ?

Over the years we had some lovely holidays together just the tree of us. We took you to Cornwall the first time to Tintadgel, we walked for miles and often went out a couple of times a day. We would sit outside the caravan in the sun, you on a blanket lazing the day away. We took you to the pub a few times called the Cornishman and one morning while walking back from the paper shop you trotted down the steps of the pub and sat at the door waiting to be let in, we were so embarrassed and every one walking past laughed, it was only half past eight in the morning.

We took you to Caister and you and your Dad would go off for a walk, if you were a long time I knew exactly where to find you, sitting in the dunes the pair of you soaking up the sun. We would also go to the pub and sit in the garden with you, only for a couple of drinks and one day we went off to walk back and all of a sudden there was a scuffle, you had darting into a garden after a cat but the cat turned on you and clawed your nose, you were very embarrassed about it and tried to walk off like it never happened but when we got back I checked your nose and there were 4 little blood marks on it so I kissed it all better, you didn`t do that again in a hurry.

We went to Bacton a couple of times, there wasn`t much to do there but it was relaxing and we could sit in the pub garden with you, it wasn`t far to walk as you had now started to show your age and were walking slower, the second time we went there the weather was bad so we spent a lot of time in the caravan, we never minded as long as you were with us. We could go off in the car as I liked to feed the ducks and your Dad would sit in the car with you

We went to Trimmingham and that is really the first time I noticed that you were getting old, you started to need help getting in and out of the car and up and down the steps, but we would have done anything to help you. You got very slow with you walking until it was time to walk back then you would speed up a bit.

We didn`t want to see you getting old and I think that because we saw you all the time we didn`t really notice, but one day you just seemed to stop wagging your tail which was always on the go and you stopped playing with your toys which you loved to do. You just seemed to gradually lose interest in things, so gradually that we didn’t` realise until after you were gone. You started to go to the loo whenever and wherever you were which you must have been upset about and also you started to wee in your sleep, I had to wash your fluffy tummy ion the mornings which you didn`t seem to mind.

On the 13th of April 2011 your Nan had told me that she had noticed that you hadn`t been drinking so I asked her to give you a cup of tea which you did drink but then you were sick and didn`t seem to touch anything after that. I picked you up and took you home, your Dad stayed downstairs with you and you still didn`t drink anything, I started to squirt water into your mouth on the Thursday morning but you weren`t interested so I called the emergency vet and she asked me to bring you straight down as she was worried about dehydration. They took you in and I had to go to work, upset that I had to leave you there but I know you were in good hands, she called me at 10.30am and said what she had done and that there had been no improvement but they were running tests and keeping you on fluids and I was to call back at about 4.30. She also told me that they would be keeping you in that night and the next day as you were not improving and she was worried.
I phoned at 4.30 and she asked that me and your Dad come into see her and then we could see you. I think that deep down we knew what was happening but we tried to think positive and then when she took us into the consultation room and started talking all about the test results, we didn`t really understand but she said that you didn`t seem to have any quality of life and that you were in pain. We said that we didn`t want you to suffer but I had to ask what she would do if you were hers and she was very honest. She said that ultimately it was our decision but if you were her dog then she would let you go. We were so upset but were trying so hard not to show you. You were sat in a little cage and when she opened the door you clambered out with all your tubes, you did look so old and tired and I think that was the first time we really realised that you were worn out. You tried to walk but weren`t really with it so we sat you down on a fleecy blanket and your Dad took your collars off and put them in my bag. I was cuddling you and sniffing and kissing your head as I always did and you Dad was stoking you and talking to you, you cried a little bit but I think that you felt what we were feeling. When she started the injection I was holding you in my arms and crying but you just seemed to give one last breath almost like it was in relief and then you fell asleep in my arms, when I laid you down you seemed to look so young all of a sudden and you looked like you didn`t have a care in the world and I guess you didn`t, you were at last out of pain and sleeping like a puppy. It broke our hearts walking out of the vets and we then had to go and tell your Nan and Grandad, they were devastated too.

We have been through emotion after emotion over the last 4 weeks, some we haven`t really known how to deal with. It had left us utterly heartbroken not having you with us any more, although we know that we did the right thing as we have been thinking back to the changes in you over the last year and there are a lot of them that we can see now but we couldn`t at the time.

We have covered your house in pictures and we have your ashes in a beautiful wooden dog in the bedroom with us always where you belong, we kiss your head every day and talk to you and we cry, we haven’t stopped crying yet and feel as though we never will. We talk about you often with a smile or a tear and we will keep your memory alive forever.

Just know that we love you very much and want you to be happy and healthy, but wait for us as we will join you one day on the Rainbow bridge and we will all three be back together where we will always belong

My gorgeous little cheeky monkey, smudge fluff, horror head

Our Sunshine boy

All our love and kisses and cuddles forever, your Heartbroken Mum and Dad *********

P.S there are a lot more things I could write about you and as I remember your quirky little ways I will make a note.

I love you Gunna smudge, more than you ever knew x love from Mum ***xx
10 May 2011
Hello, I lost my little man on the 14th April and I hve felt utterly heartbroken ever since. My Husband is the same and we feel that we will never be able to get over it
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