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26 Apr 2005
Tonight I was at the foot of my closet looking for something and Lucy came into the room to see what I was up to. She had her ears flattened back, and when she does that she looks so much like Allie. She would normally just sniff around at my shoes or something and then run off to play. But when she came in with her ears back like that I said, "did my Allie send you to me?" And she sat down right in front of me, ears still back the whole time, and she gave me her paw, which I hadn't seen her do before. She looked at me with the sweetest expression. I looked into her eyes and I just KNEW that she knew all about Allie and that she was here for a reason. And I felt a lot of peace with that. She continued to look into my eyes (which is incredible for her because she has about a 2-second attention span) for at least 10 or 15 seconds, and I said it again, "my Allie sent you to me, didn't she?!" and she gave me her paw one more time! She was still sitting with her ears back the whole time, and she normally only does this when I'm standing above her and she wants to be petted or to lick my hand. So I told her: "You are not Allie. You are Lucy, and you are special. I love you, and we are going to have many happy years together. I want you to be healthy and happy for a long time." And then Norah came in the room and they ran off to play. rolleyes.gif

So I guess this was my sign. Funny thing too, I've been praying for one this week. Amazing how little prayers like this are answered.

Thanks, Allie. Miss you baby.
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22 Apr 2005
I miss my Allie so much today. I think I've been trying to make myself feel happy now that we have two great girls in the house -Lucy and Norah -and I do feel happy because of them. But sometimes when I'm at work I think of Allie, because the little ones are not here to distract me.

I feel as though I'm forgetting what she was like. I look at her pictures but they don't do her justice, and that's really all I have. I wish I had a video of her. It would be painful to watch but at least I could remember her better.

Even though I know Lucy needed us, and I'm thankful that we found her, I continue to question why God couldn't have found another loving home for Lucy. Because we already had a little girl who we loved more than life itself! I suppose with time I will begin to understand better, why Lucy, why Allie, why now?

I have to be happy for Allie that she is with God now. But for some reason all I can think about is her little body, her little stitched up tummy where they had tried to save her, in the ground of a yard at a house that will one day be lived in by someone other than my mother-in-law. It's so hard to let go of a physical presence, even though I know it was her soul who made her who she was.

Missing my girl,
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20 Apr 2005
Here's a picture of our girl Norah. She is a 2-yr.-old rat terrier. I highly recommend this breed for anyone. I've heard good things all around about them. They are very calm and friendly towards people. Norah will always go straight to the person in the room she's never met before and sit in their lap. She's happy either indoors or out. She's had some trouble getting along with bigger dogs in the neighborhood, but she's getting better. I've never seen her around children so I'm not sure how she'd be. But she really has an endearing and wonderful personality. I believe rat terriers will adapt to any person's lifestyle -young or old, active or inactive. She's also very easy to bathe and doesn't require much grooming. Just a plug for any of you out there looking for a new friend!
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19 Apr 2005
Hello to everyone. I wanted to post a cute picture of our new baby Lucy but when I tried to attach it it was way too big and now I can't delete this post. But I will try again later.
15 Apr 2005
Today I thought about what Heaven might be like, and I pictured a little green tree frog I used to have for a pet. Little Kermit was hopping about as happy as can be with ponds and big green leaves. It looked like the most beautiful rainforest you've ever seen. Then I saw my Grandpa, who passed away in October at the age of 92. Good ol' Gramps was the best there was. I sat on a bench with him and we talked about life for hours, and he made me laugh at all of his silly jokes. Then I thought about my childhood hamster Cookie. Even just a little hamster like her had so much spirit! She would run around the cage as fast as she could and then run to the roof of her plastic house and jump off. When she died I got a new one just like her, but this one was a little mean spririted. She bit me the first day, and a few days later she got sick and died. But she just wasn't fit for this world and God had to take care of her, just as God takes care of all the lonely, the sick, the depressed. He restores all of the health and happiness that is not always possible here on Earth. I believe this because of my faith in Christ, and because that is what he promised when he walked this Earth. One of my favorite quotes is by an atheist-turned-Christian, the author C.S. Lewis: "I believe in Christianity as I believe in the sun. Not because I see it, but because by it, I see everything else."

Then I saw my Allie. She was so happy to see me! She and I immediately became best buds again and we went everywhere together. It was just like old times. But you know what the best part of my vision was? Being able to communicate openly with God and to know ALL the answers, and to look down upon those still left here on Earth, but only at the times that were appropriate. Some things we would not be permitted to see from Heaven, in my vision at least. I don't know why but it just came to me.

I just wanted to share this with you all.

With love,
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