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64 years old
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Lynden, Wa
Born July-5-1956
First my blk lab Moose, he was a part of my hiking, camping,bike rides and just enjoying life. Now that I have had this sudden change I am going to have to find other things because I cant imagine doing them with out my boy.
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28 Jul 2007
It has been 2 yrs since I have been at this board. Oh what a lifesaver it was for me, the most horrible thing I could have imagined had come true. It effected me so very deeply. Moose will have been gone 3yrs this Oct.
I wanted to come back here and offer hope, you see, no one could have loved their furbaby more than I loved Moose, he was everything to me and I went through extreme agony when I lost him, it still stings if I let my mind wander back to details. It has been a learning process for me and I just want to let all of you know that it will get better and not sting as much as it does right now. No way around it.....only through it.
There is a reason for everything and all of this is not for nothing. Best wishes and Peace to all. Pamela
8 May 2005
I think our life is like making our own tapestry. As we get closer to the true pure love, our colors are brilliant and intense. As we weave our thread it intertwines with other colors, but our thread is our own, intertwining with all that is dear to us and strengthens our thread of light. Sometimes there will be things that happen that cause that thread's color to fade and it can be covered easily by darker threads. But if that thread keeps giving from that pure place in spite of the dark thread that runs along side of it waiting to tear it given the chance, it will become stronger and stronger and then it will be come so bright it will blot out the dark. Pamela
3 May 2005
Well, I took that trip to Yakima, in the back of my mind I was also heading to the neighbor of my friend that had the blk lab puppies... they were gone...ahhhh!
As most of my friends here know I have been a lost soul since Moose passed (6mo ) On my 2nd trip to Yakima to my friends house Ellie..I thought she understood how bad things had gotten for me, I hadn't even been there 15 minutes after my 300 mile drive and she told me my cat's hair would be an issue!! You can't imagine how I felt!! So........didn't even unpack the car, left back for the Bellingham area feeling like an idiot to tell the truth.
But something happened on that drive over the Cascades, it took me to the next level of my acceptance, I was talking aloud.."okay lord I need your help I am losing everything" I was back up here and within 24 hours a job broke open for me...a good job. I can now make my decisions and my mind is clearer on what I need to do for myself. I am ashamed of myself for letting myself get so lost in my grief to the point of living a somewhat gypsy life..staying at friends homes..but it seemed once I went down I couldn't get up so I had to lay there in my despair, and let it run it's course, my whole life has changed since Moose, I am now living the new life without him that I didn't want, living in a place I tried to run from run from the memories, and I have learned so much this last 6 months about myself, I still don't want this new life without My Moose but I will embrace it now and work harder toward the one day I look forward to...my reunion with all I have lost...this I have Moose to thank for because if it wasn't for him,,I would have never known. He was my beautiful gift, I am so so thankful to have known his spirit.....I had a profound thought...my comfort.my thoughts......Yea though I walk through the valley in the shadow of Moose's death I will fear none of the evil that surrounds me for my lord is guiding me he is setting my feet on the right path as I come out of this deep valley, this deep long valley... Love Pamela
3 May 2005
Lord, what happened to my fourm????? I've been gone for awhile and wow...seems like we are back where we were a few months ago!!
I have to be brutally honest here. It makes me laugh to my self when I see the counting of post received do we not realize how inmature that is?
Even if one disagrees with a post and doesnt like the poster...move on!! Like tv no one if forcing you to to watch a certian picture.
With all the grief and pain that people feel here,,,it is a good motto that if you have nothing kind to say "DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL"
We are here to HONOR our lives with our furbabies!!!!!! It's about them...losing them, having our hearts ripped out of our chest,,,,not being ourselves but trying to find ourselves again and understand what has just happened to us. It's a struggle a big struggle not to be judged...for beleive me...none of us are that great!!!! Our opinions are just that.
Many things have been written about the power of the tounge....it is powerful, and it's mighty power and should always be RESTRAINED, because the affects it can have on others can last a life time. Humble Humble Humble....Love, Pamela
26 Apr 2005
I have been gone for a couple of weeks I have just finished reading some post old and new. One thing that sticks out to me is the things that we have all learned from this chapter in our lives....the summary would read something like...and even though so many things have been said about the computer it has enabled us in a great time of pain and agony to be comforted and to comfort. We have been able to reach out to one another in a way we couldn't just a few years ago. Here by accident...I dont think so..So many things we have learned about our selves and one another...how much the same we all truely are, and our connections to one another. My heart has been overflowing with the words typed to me and others..truely overflowing. I still say I dont know what I would have done without you guys. I will be forever grateful and you will reconize me in our heaven, I will be the one with the big smile on my face and I will be singing it is true I knew it was true. Love Pamela
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