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> Visits From Your Babies After Passing On
post Jul 20 2007, 08:13 PM
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I LOVED reading these stories! The night after we had to put poor Murphy down due to cancer, I felt a weight on the mattress in the middle of the night just like he jumped up on the bed! I thought I was hallucinating due to my grief. The following week my little girl told me she heard his dog tags jingling in the hall. Sometimes I'm sure I hear him giving me little "grrrrfffff" in greeting when I come home from work. It's just the strangest thing but I like to think he's trying to communicate with me!

I miss him so much!!! wub.gif
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post Aug 31 2007, 02:59 PM
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I would like ideas from anyone on the meaning of a dream I had 2 nights ago. My cat Neo died 7 weeks ago and it's been really hard coming to terms with it. In the dream I saw a black and white fluffy cat laying in the road. There seemed to be another black and white fluffy cat laying on top of it, which got up and walked away. (Neo was fluffy black and white by the way) In the next part of the dream, I was in a queue to get on a plane( I think it was a plane anyway) and in the doorway of the plane was the same cat! I woke up at this point. Maybe he's off to moggy heaven on a jumbo jet? It was rather a nice dream actually.
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post Sep 11 2007, 09:53 AM
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Maybe the cat that was on top of the other one -- the one that got up and walked away -- was Neo's spirit. That's how it sounds to me. I'm reading a book called "Animals And The Afterlife", byt Kim Sheridan, and there's an account of a woman who's cat died in her arms, and she says she actually saw the cat's spirit leave its body and go towards a door with two people standing by it, and through the door it was all light and a lot of activity.

I'm not one to look for the supernatural, but I had what I believe was a visit from my dog Lucy, and it was a very nice experience. I always thought I'd be freaked if anything like that happened, but I wasn't. There was just peace.

I hope these signs of Neo bring you peace. There's no reason to think they don't live on.

-- Michelle K.
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post Mar 7 2012, 02:10 PM
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I hav'nt had any visits from Lucy yet.
I sometimes think I've seen her.
Then know she's not there.
The other night I thought I saw her upstairs.
And Evan went to check in the bedrooms.
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My Doxie and Me
post Jun 12 2012, 09:06 PM
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2 weeks after passing a dream so real as if i'am standing watching myself call to a reflection intime as my thoughts
where of my friend i lay in bed but can not move as Jen stands at the top of the stairs as light shines into are home
I see through my friends eyes as i stare back at myself i'am helpless unable to move..
Attached Image
I call her name as she looks to me time stops for a brief moment as i fill with panic Please don't go...As i wake with tears as my Heart breaks
This was no dream when are love ones pass these friends have no words they touch are Hearts.

As i can not see properly to form my words forgive me... I have seen my friends sign and i know she is well
it's her Final Goodbye When words have no meaning Hearts speak for us.

I miss you my friend i have spoken with words that are not mine as you guide me to search for every step you have taken
and the endless joy that we share as you speak through me you heal my heart.

Be well Old Friend..

Update 7/25/18

I still celebrate my friend thru following are time by telling her story
As we reconnect and share with others and find joy in life...
Attached Image
As I stay in this state of Mourning/Searching I have found my own mistakes as I can now
Help my New friends as if not for my journey and truly looking into my own weakness...
I find fault in my care as Iam a better person going forward as I must Kneel... As
I can give a better life thru learning and grieving for a best friend as I follow a path
that she once walked upon sets me free...

Explanation of the physical loss and how we are still connected....
Attached Image

I live in a friends passing as for many years....
I still live in that moment that fills my heart with sorrow...
I try to celebrate a friend moving past this life as energy is released...
I can't help but wonder if I missed something and if I betrayed my friend in final Hours...

Update 8/20/2018
4 Clear Signs
A Deceased Loved One
Is Close by

1. They Appear in are dreams
A vivid dream of a deceased loved
one is classified as a lucid dream
or vision This is because of the potency of a dream....

2.Quite often these are so intense
That they wake you up in the middle
of the night filled with emotion
you may even be consciously aware of
the fact that you are dreaming and
not realize it.

3. You feel their Presence
Mostly felt shortly after a
loved ones passing, the sensation
of being caressed softly, either on
the back or the hand is clear
sign of comfort from a special friend

4. feeling a presence around every corner
Seeing a shadow a friend with an intense
overwhelming feeling of emotion
as they are always making contact
and with are tears that fall
they speak within us as we can séance
a best friend trying to set are mind at ease....
Attached Image
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post Aug 13 2012, 01:26 PM
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I just happened to come across this post, loved reading all the stories. Brought tears to my eyes!

Even though I am still not 100% sure what happened to Bubba after he accidentally got out of the house 3 weeks ago, about two weeks ago and almost a week after he'd gone missing I was outside and a single bird feather was drifting through the air. I just happened to put out my hand, and it drifted right into my palm. I didn't move my hand to meet the feather, it just landed there on it's own. I had a sense of peacefulness then. Even though Bubba never actually was outside to catch a bird, he would sit in the window and watch them for hours. We have since moved, but I sure hope that if that was Bubba and if he did pass over like the pet psychic said he did that he will visit me in our new place. I miss him terribly.
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post Oct 23 2012, 09:32 AM
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I believe wholeheartedly that our pets visit us to console us when we most need it. My dog Zena, who was euthanized at home last Saturday, hasnt visited me yet, and maybe she never will. I was there, sitting by her head, and maybe she knows that I was there, releasing her from the pain. I regret not going up to the vet with Zeus, my other dog, when he was put down this past July. He was my first pet who I ever had to put down, period, and I didnt know if I could handle it. My husband and daughter were with him, and that made me feel better, but still.. I will always regret not going myself. Anyway, that very night after he was put down, I had a brief dream of me facing a counter and hearing him coming up to my left side. He was panting loudly as he always did because he had such thick fur. I reached down and put my hand into his fur, and it felt so real, so vivid. I said to him, Thank you for coming back to me, and then I woke up. I believe he was coming to me to tell me that he was okay. I havent received a visit from him since.
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post Mar 4 2013, 10:43 AM
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QUOTE (dixmuffin @ Sep 18 2004, 10:46 PM) *
Hi everyone. I just wanted to know...has anyone been visited by their furbabies after they've passed on??? I have and it is a truly remarkable experience-it really helps with the grief.

Yes I have had visits from Simba who quietly passed away last Wednesday 27th February, that same night I am positive I felt him bedding down between my hubby & myself which he had stopped doing because his arthritis prevented him from doing, also had to stop him jumping down because it clearly hurt him landing on the floor. Also the next day when i was on my own, I heard scratching in the utility where his loo was, in the same way he used to after he been to the litter - thought i was losing it but was so definite he was obviously carrying on as before. Later I was crossing the hallway into the bedroom i am convinced I heard him crying in distress because he could not understand his new form & he realized I was unable to see him so I could comfort him & reassure him. I was in real deep distress more usual for him the rest of day.

Next morning after the usual night of restless sleep since his passing, We both woke up early, & I said to hubby I had an overwhelming sense from him of acceptance of what had happened to him - hubby said he had the same sense of feeling, the feeling we both had was so marked distinct & strong. The house has seemed to creak in his favourite spots too as this was the house we all moved into under 4 years ago with Simba. At breakfast & tea time which was part of daily ritual together with Simba, we feel his presence very strongly & an aura of what is best described as cold air in a fixed spot before us, we both know it could only be Darling Simba trying to carry on as before because he knows he is very much loved & is still a part of this family,I get so desperate most of the time for him, just hope he stays until its time for us to join him.

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post Mar 4 2013, 03:04 PM
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Hi, gravessa, thank you so much for sharing with us how you're doing, and your and your husband's experiences of your beloved Simba's sweet Living Spirit letting you know he is still very much with you. I hope this brings comfort to you. You may notice as your deep grief eases that your experiences may not be as noticeable, but I want to assure you that your beloved Simba is always and forever a part of you - - for he is always and forever a heartbeat close to you.

I hope today is treating you and your husband kindly, gravessa, and that you both will have a very peaceful evening blessed with your beloved Simba's sweet Living Spirit to comfort you. Please know you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers, and please let us know how you're doing.

Peace and blessings,

In heaven's perfect garden there is no grief or pain, and all of God's creation join the angels' sweet refrain.

The most blessed way I have of knowing God's comforting love and grace is to look into the eyes and heart of God's creatures' sweet angelic face.
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My Doxie and Me
post Mar 23 2019, 05:24 PM
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I found LS because of my pure and deep pain in the loss of a beautiful friend...
as I have a post with a dear friend Jenna as I was trapped in a moment in time...
speaking with others as they say its Mind Healing Body....

What I have truly learned that some have a better sense of energy a connection that is pure
as you ask how could you know as friends have no speech yet we run in silent words all along...
Attached Image
I truly can't believe I;am speaking once more;....
My personal Emails I will share with you painful;...

<I have lost my Elsa due to IVDD 3-19-19 Heart Breaking>

This is a copy of a; Email to Valley Animal Hospital...
Dr. Christakos please forgive me I have a question after leaving VAH today I wish to know the time of passing for...
<I choose not to be present as I wished to remember a friend with eye's open...This one hurts to much;.....My
Elsa;... >Attached Image
<If you look close enough you will see all of Elsa;s friends in the fence as faces will appear...
I now know who she is singing to in the morning light it's her calling as she has;..Found a true friend.....>
Yes I;am Broken in a good way... as I follow my friend and understand my faults...
A true friend will always lead you out of Darkness.....

I ask because at 9:41AM/42 I was overcome by a sense of calmness and peace....
Could be mind healing body this was very different Thank you once again.

Hi Todd,
I spoke to Dr. Neubert and she said that Elsa passed away shortly after 9:40am, so you are correct that her pain was relieved at that time.

We are all so sorry for your loss.


Dr. Christakos

Thankyou Leejay
I have received Energy
I understand now;.....
Attached Image

This hurts to tell a story of my Elsa yet all that wonder you just need to be in tune
and I would never post if....I only know what I felt that day so I shared.....
Attached Image
I miss you my Nashorn;....
Thank you for this gift;...
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