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29 Aug 2008
Hi, Lucy --

I just wanted to tell you I've been thinking of you and missing you. I sometimes wonder if you're near or far away. Josie's staying with Lisa and Keith this weekend, so I won't have her, and I miss having a dog around. Missing her makes me miss you too. Are you doing wonderful things in Heaven? Have you found Dad yet? I hope so.

All of this might sound silly, but I just wanted to put it out there. I love you so much, Lucy. You'll always be "my first".

Hugs and kisses, my little baby. I can't wait to see that underbite of yours again someday!


26 Feb 2008
Hi, Lucy --

I've been thinking about you lately, and though it doesn't feel as bad as it used to, the tears still spring to my eyes sometimes. Anyway, it's been a long snowy cloudy winter here in Michigan this year, with more snow in February than we've had in a long time. Remember how you used to love to play in the snow? You were just a little black ball of poodle/terrier fur in the big white drifts. You would have loved it this year.

But I'm ready for spring. I just wish we could have more sunny days, then maybe I wouldn't get so tired and melancholy and ready to think sad thoughts.

You already know Dan lives in California now near Los Angeles, and right now, that would suit me a whole lot better. I know you know he's there, because that's where your spirit showed itself to me, when I was out visiting him last year. That made such a huge impression on me, Lucy -- I'm as sane as they come, and I know without doubt that my heart's eye saw you. You and that other dog. I can still see that other dog that was with you. I wish I could put it into words better, but I know you were there.

Oh well. Hope it's a lot sunnier-looking where you are right now!

I love you, sweetheart. Don't forget me. I never forget you.

-- Michelle
2 Oct 2007
Dear #2621 --

I read on CNN.com that you're one of the 49 dogs seized from Michael Vick's awful sideline, and that you are the only one to be euthanized because you are just too far gone and cannot be around human beings. Not that you've been around human beings for quite a while now. You've been with monsters who look like human beings, and now you just can't tell the difference. That's not your fault. None of it is your fault.

And I don't like to read about you as just a number. I'd like to see you as the wonderful dog you could have been, and are deep inside, if you had had the care and healthy excercise and affection you should have had, and that makes you more than just "# 2621". So in my head, I'm going to call you Sammy, because I don't think I could be afraid of a dog named Sammy, and that brings out the wonderful in you.

So Sammy (or the artist formerly known as # 2621), rest in peace, my good dog. I see you as your Creator sees you -- the you that you were meant to be -- and you're beautiful beyond words.

-- Michelle K.
28 Aug 2007
There's a movie called "Year Of The Dog" that comes out on DVD today. It's about how a woman reacts to the death of her dog, Pencil, and it's supposed to be very good.

Has anyone seen it? Is it good?

-- Michelle K.
9 Jul 2007
Hello, everyone --

I don't know if it's appropriate for me to post this or not, but someone I've only heard about from others is suffering the loss of his dog, and I can't stop thinking about him, this story is so incredibly sad. My mom told me about this the other night and afterwards, I hung up the phone and just cried and cried for this poor man.

Frank "met" my mom online after being "introduced" to her by his neighbor, who was a co-worker of my mom's presumably trying to get my mom a little ****** action. smile.gif Anyway, Frank and mom started emailing back and forth, and he told mom all kinds of cute things about his little dog. He and his now-deceased wife had gotten little Cricket and raised him together, and now that his wife was gone, it had just been him and Cricket together. He had even put together a little booklet that he sent to mom, with some pictures of Cricket and some lovely poems he'd collected over time about dogs and the deep bond they share with their human companions. I even borrowed the booklet from mom, so I could copy the poems, they were so beautiful. Eventually, Mom and Frank met face-to-face, there was no real chemistry, and their correspondence kind of petered out.

Mom found out the following from the "matchmaking neighbor/coworker":

Cricket loved to run out in Frank's fenced-in back yard and chase squirrels, as many of us can relate to (through our pets, of course, hopefully tongue.gif ...), and one day a few weeks ago, a certain squirrel was not going to back down from Cricket. It kept leaping at Cricket, Cricket kept trying to leap back, and because it was starting to look ugly, Frank got a baseball bat to try to separate the two. He meant to use the bat to push the squirrel back so he could grab Cricket and take him inside, but somehow the bat went the wrong way, and it hit and killed Cricket instantly, instead.

I think about him every day now. He loved, loved, loved that dog. That dog was just the world to him, especially since his wife died. I just feel so badly for him. I can't imagine being him, can't imagine what he's been going through. Apparently, he didn't open the curtains or leave the house for a few days, he was so devastated. He had Cricket cremated.

I wonder if we could all just spare a thought for Frank and Cricket. Thanks.

Michelle K.
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