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I'm an anthropology/Bioarchaeology major. I currently study at UC Berkeley full time.

I recently lost my baby, a husky mix, named Leo the Lion and my cat Buddy that I adopted from my sister a few years ago.
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30 years old
Upland CA
Born July-2-1990
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11 Feb 2013
My 4 year old cat, Buddy, was just diagnosed as having enlarged heart (the vet said it looked like a balloon). They started him on medication and they said he was in a good mood (purring). However they also said the medication would only prolong his life a few months, maybe a year. Should I put him down while he is in a good mood or keep my baby a few extra months?

Selfishly, I want to keep him and sees how he does on the medication, but I don're know what to do?
25 Feb 2012
I lost my baby, Leo the Lion a Husky, at the beginning of this month, February 5. Leo and I used to go for 2 hour walks about 5 to 6 times a week (the 1 to 2 days I couldn't walk him I generally got someone else to walk him). Since his passing I haven't done a walk, but I need to train for a excavation that will deal with a lot of walking/hiking. I decided to ask my sister's boyfriend if I could walk his dog, another Husky named Bella (she is a dorky looking Husky, all gangly), because I don't like walking alone or with other people (they tend to slow me down). So I was calling him to tell him that I was going to take Bella for a walk, but as soon as the phone started ringing I started crying. Just the idea of taking another dog for a walk is heart breaking for me. Since I got Leo he was the only dog I walked and now that Leo is gone I kind of feel like I would betraying him because walks were our time (that and giving him my cheese from my food. Can't eat it, but he could and he loved it!).

The idea of going for a walk with another dog is not the only thing that bring me to tears, but it is the only one I can really justify the tears. (I stopped eating certain foods, stopped watching certain shows/movies and stopped going the certain places because they are what we used to eat or do together).
12 Feb 2012
I'm wondering if I should call the animal shelter that I adopted my baby, Leo the Lion, from. He had epilepsy and passed away after having multiple seizures before going into cardiac arrest. I only ask this because when I adopted Leo the Lion he had three sisters there that were also adopted around the same time. I was wondering if I should call them to get a hold of the other owners to tell them to out watch for epilepsy in there dogs, just in case if it is in their genetics.

Any thoughts?

9 Feb 2012
My baby, a husky mix named Leo the Lion (Leo for short), passed away on February 5, 2012. He passed away after suffering multiple seizures before going into cardiac arrest.

He started having seizures in November 2011. He had a total of five seizures before the vet started him on Phenobarbital in January 2012. He was crying non-stop and his hind legs started dragging. He was not enjoying any of his favorite past times or treats. He didn't even want to walk by the second to last week of January. He also suffered three more seizures while on it. I ask to change the medication within the same month because I was not happy with it and neither was Leo. The vet told me to stop giving him the Phenobarbital on January 29, 2012 and was prescribed Potassium Bromide, which would take a week to come in.

Being off the Phenobarbital for less then two day I saw major improvements. Leo seemed happy and him self again. He was running around, digging holes, going for for our two hour walks, bring me his toys. I was happy and so was he. For a month I was planing to go to Death Valley to do some geological survey for school and I was going to take Leo, but then he got off the medication and we were still waiting for the Potassium Bromide to come in, so I decided not to take him in case he had a seizure. (I wouldn't have anything to treat him with if he went into a seizure.) So for the second time since I adopted him I left him behind. I left on February 3, 2012 and was going to be back the next day in the evening. I left him in the care of my mother and sister. On February 4 at 1am-ish Leo has a seizure, the first one my mother has seen and the first one my sister had to deal with without me there telling her what to do (or get me). I'm not to sure what happen as both my mom and sister can't really recall what happen, beside them going into panic mode. My sister rushed Leo to the 24 hour animal hospital where he went into another seizure there. He had four seizures before the night was over and partial seizure about ever ten minute from 3pm to 9:20pm.

Since I was in Death Valley I had no signal on my cell phone and didn't find out what was happening until around 5pm on the 4. Sadly I was still about three and half hours away from home. When I finally got home I call the animal hospital and they told me he was doing better just really out of it. They told me I could come visit him the next morning. I went to see him the next day and he was medicated out of his mind, but at one point he recognized me and started sniffing me and giving me a lick. The vet working with Leo told me that Leo might be able to go home later that day and she would call me around 6-7pm to tell me if I could. So I waited after my visit. I got a call around 7pm saying they want to keep him for one more night because his eyes were moving around a lot, but they told me they thought it was because of all the medication and seizures he had. Other wise he was doing really well and most likely I could pick him up in the morning.

At 9:20pm the vet called me again to tell me that Leo temperature was a little high, but nothing to worry about and that they were going to give him some antibiotics just in case it is an infection.

11:31pm February 5, 2012 the night vet calls me and tells me Leo went into cardiac arrest. I ask if he was still alive and the vet told me he was sorry. I don't remember much beside running to my sisters room so she could talk to the vet because I was not understanding a word he was saying.

I'm having a hard time dealing with Leo's death. I only had him for a little over two years, but in those two years we did most things together. He slept on my bed (though I sure he thought I was sleeping on his bed), we went for walks almost every night, we went for hikes, we went kayaking together (not something you see a husky normally doing), we when out to eat together (In-N-Out mostly), went to the beach and the park, training classes and we celebrated holidays together (meaning to avoid going to family parties I stayed with Leo).

I feel guilt for leaving him for that one night. I'm not sure if I could have handle that night better, but I was with him for all of his other seizures with no problems. I feel more guilt for not being there for him the night it happened and for his final moments. Everything I own reminds me of him and how I do everything was so Leo could be right next to me while I was doing it (Cooking, studying, watching tv).

I miss him.

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