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> Please Post Your Furbaby's Name Here (Closed, see Post #2), Post #1
post Apr 3 2005, 09:10 PM
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Mitzi Lee
Born April 4, 1988
Died March 28, 2005

Mitzi entered our lives after my husband and I had been married 6 months. Her mother was a siamese and her daddy an orange tabby. She was truly our baby all of these years. She was the sweetest cat I've ever known. She let us hold her like a baby, and would ride on my husband's shoulders as he washed dishes. She licked my face (I believe she thought she was a dog) and even retrieved a foil ball when we through it. She was the most affectionate cat.

Nicknames: Swiss Miss, Sissie, Mitz Mitz Baby, Love Bunny, Sweet Sweet

Favorite activities: Lying in the sun (or even in front of the hot fireplace), drinking water out of the bathroom faucet, linking butter and syrup off of our fingers, chasing the laser beam all around the floor (and trying to lick it off of her fur), getting under the comforter during the winter months, having her "blow dry" in the bathroom (aka "spa treatment," complete with brushing), kissing mommy (but not daddy - his beard is too rough), rubbing daddy's nose, and of course, laying all over us.

Funny story: My husband and I put a frozen, pre-cooked turkey (employee Christmas gift) out on the back deck one time in our "younger" years - it was freezing outside and we didn't have room in our freezer. We proceeded to forget all about it, not frequenting our rickety back deck very often. Upon letting Mitzi back inside one day after she hung around in the yard, we kept wondering why she smelled kind of "smoky." Finally, it dawned on us : we went out back and saw that she had chewed through the netting and the plastic and had gnawed a nice chunk out of that gobbler!

We love you and miss you, Sweet Sweet, and wish we could kiss you.
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We miss our Mitzi (aka Swiss Miss, Sissie, Love Bunny, Sweet Sweet, Mitz Mitz Baby). She was the sweetest cat we've ever known. She was our baby.
April 4, 1988 (came into our life on May 21, 1988) - March 28, 2005
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Crisonino Family
post Apr 6 2005, 02:23 PM
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Our furbaby:
Name: Mirra
Born: December 2002
Died: April 3, 2005
Mirra came into our lives: February 2003
Family: Mom, dad, sister, Milla the lab, whiskers the cat,Grandma Lynn, Aunt Rachel, uncle brandon-just to be polite-maybe, and all of our friends
Favorite nicknames: "Mommy", "Chee Kooey", "Little Devil", "Little Girl"
Favorite activities: Chasing shadows or reflections of light from a laser pen, chasing squirrels, barking at the neighbors, sleeping in my shirt ( while I'm still wearing it), sleeping in during the rainy or cold days; chewing socks, mommies underwear, stuffed animals, her little red Konge; Waiting for Milla the lab to lay down so she could run up to her and jump on her head; taking long naps cuddled next to us; Eating; late night walks in the park with me and Milla; going to grandma Lynns house, perched on my lap so she could look out the window on long drives; playing "catch me if you can" with Milla in the house;
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post Apr 7 2005, 09:33 PM
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So many beloved furbabies. I can pick up on so much love from your posts. wub.gif

"My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today."
- Watership Down, Richard Adams
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post Apr 12 2005, 12:37 PM
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In loving memory of my girl, a chocolate Labrador retriever.

Name: Boo
Born: June 1993
Died: April 4, 2005
Nicknames: Boo-Boo Dog, Hoover, Boo Bear, Girlie, Gertrude, Count Sockula, UnderFoot Dog
Favorite Activites: Eating, begging for food, swimming, laying belly-down in cool places, send-offs and greetings.

I miss you so Boo. Someday I'll see you again, healthy and happy, and I'll be able to give you all the treats you coudn't have in your old age. I love you.
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post Apr 12 2005, 01:28 PM
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I am a bit late doing this ... I hope it is OK

My Guy:
Name: Snoops
Date of Birth: April 28, 1988
Died: September 6, 2003 5:00 PM
Luba came into my life: May 2, 1988; came home June 1988
Favourite nicknames: Little Man, Boo, Nepos, and many others
Favourite activity: Playing Fetch with his "squeezy" ... all you had to do was say "Boo where's your squeezy" and he would go running to find and bring it back to play. The picture is of him doing just this ... bring us back his squeezy.
My Favourite Activity: cuddling up next to him right before falling asleep and whispering in his ear, singing him a little song I made up just for him (and for his ears only), looking into his eyes and seeing the love shining back at me
The Thing I miss the most: holding him and smelling his fur ... everything about him even the little annoying habits that are so wonderful to think about now ...

I love you little guy!!!!!
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post Apr 13 2005, 06:58 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 823

My furbaby: Golden/Shepard Mix
Name: Kyra
Date of Birth: October 15, 2002
Died: April 9, 2005
Kyra came into my life: January 2003
Favourite nicknames: "Kyra Shae", "Baby", "Baby Girl", "Fluffball", "Crazy Puppy"
Favourite activity: Chasing my 5 yr old son, jumping like donkey from Shrek, Chasing Squirrels

Kyra my sweet, sweet baby you will be forever in our hearts. You are all around us in the air, the snow, the sun beating down. May you watch down on us and protect us still.
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post Apr 13 2005, 10:05 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 777

My furbaby:
Name: Jasmine
AKC Name: Jasmine Tea
Date of Birth: April 24, 1995
Died: March 21, 2005
Came into my life: September 1995 (Labor Day weekend)
Favourite nicknames: Jazzy, Jazzygirl, Jazz, Babygirl, Jazzy Girlfriend, Queeny
Favourite activity: running in the woods, playing frisbee, playing ball, sleeping in my spot on the bed with her head on my pillow, laying in the sun, just being outside, stealing tissues or cups out of the bathroom trash
Funny story: Jasmine once dug through 3 feet of snow to reach a trash bag that had butternut squash in it, tore open the bag, came back into the house and dropped the rinds in front of us...go figure - she LOVED butternut squash!!

Here's the bigger version of my avatar pic. Bailey is on the left, Jasmine on the right.

I love you so much Babygirl. What I wouldn't give to see you run one more time...to lay in the sun...to give me attitude when I was trying to get you inside the house...to wake me in the middle of the night just to put the blanket back on you. I'd gladly take 1000 sleepless nights to be able to snuggle with you under the blanket again. You were my life, my love, my baby...be at peace and run as far as you want in the green meadows and woods. We'll meet again my love.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
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post Apr 16 2005, 08:49 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 830

Name: Layla
Date of Birth: Spring 1984
Died: April 16, 2005
Came into my life: approx May 1984
Favourite nicknames: PK, Psycho Kitty, Baby, Baby Girl
Favourite activity: Waking me up every morning at 5am by meowing in my face and then smacking me on the nose if I didn't get up fast enough to feed her.

I knew last night that her passing was going to be soon...I just didn't think it would be this morning. Her heart just gave out and she went in her sleep.

I love you and miss you very much.

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post Apr 16 2005, 11:25 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 831

Name: Honey Mon Bebes Hurd
Date of Birth: May 5, 1988
Died: April 14, 2005
Came Into My Life: Adoptee from the Humane Society-My husband picked her out. I thought she barked too much-now I would give anything to hear that bark again. We paid $15 to adopt her and pro-rated she was the biggest bargain you could ever get-a best friend for $1 a year!
Favorite Nicknames-Honey Girl, Furry Grry Grr Girl, Bestest Dogger in the Whole Wide World, Honey Sweetheart Baby
Favorite Activity: In her younger days it was playing "Grr" (tug of war) and always winning. More recently it was "Olympic Circling". She went in circles for hours and never got tired, so we said if there was an Olympic event for that, Honey would win for sure.
Best Memory: We had a real Birthday party for her every year and she got chocolate cake, Frosty Paws and presents. We always sang "Happy Birthday to You" to her. It got so whenever we sang the song for a birthday, her's or not, she would run around the kitchen and howl like she was singing too and she would start looking for her presents. She was hysterical! We were getting ready to throw her 17th in just a few weeks. I think we will probably still have it even though she is gone.

You were the Best Dog in the Whole World and I would give anything to be with you again. Be happy in Heaven my Love and please be waiting for me when I get there. I promise I will never forget you.
Love, Lady

The Best Dog In The World Left Us To Go To Heaven on April 14, 2005. We miss her So Much!

Rest In Peace Honey Mon Bebes (5-5-88 to 4-14-05)
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post Apr 24 2005, 02:57 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 819

My Furbaby: Beautiful white cat
Name: Poer-Woer
Came to us: April 24, 1998
Died: April 4th, 2005
Favourite nicknames: "Uli", "Poerie"; "Uli-Boelie"; "Seumpie"
Favourite activity: Eating :-)

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to heaven,
to bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say goodbye,
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why

I'll love you FOREVER!
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post May 6 2005, 03:35 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Cleveland, Ohio
Member No.: 865

What a wonderful idea

My furbaby

Name: Sebastian "Bastian" Louise Barker
Date of Birth: it was late in 1991 so I picked Oct 31, 1991
Left this Earth: May 2, 2005
Nicknames: Boo, Boo Kitty, Button Face, Moo, Mooey, Chubbin, Little Bitty Boo, Floppy Cat, Timber Kitty, Furry little Angel,
Favorite Activity: Sleeping on my robe, playing with her string, looking out the window on a nice day, being with her Momma, sleeping under the covers curled up next to me.
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Hugs to all,

Sebastian "Bastian"
October 31, 1991-May 2, 2005
My angel, Mommy loves you.
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post May 7 2005, 10:30 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 363

So many new furbabies here since the last time I checked this thread.

I'm sorry that so many people have lost their beloved fur-companions. sad.gif

"My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today."
- Watership Down, Richard Adams
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mirror mirror
post May 8 2005, 01:20 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 873

My furbaby: MayLady Jayne
Born: ?
Died: May 3rd, 2005
Came into my life: Summer 1999
Favorite activity: Trail rides
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Missing Kamikazi
post May 8 2005, 10:31 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Houston Texas
Member No.: 876

My furbaby's name: Kamikazi
Date of birth unknown estimated age between 3-5 years
Date he came to be with me: August 29 2003
Date he went to the rainbow bridge: May 7 2005

We adopted Kamikazi from the pound. He is a little pomeranian. We chose him because he was so ugly he was cute. His original apperance dubbed him the name "ray dog". He had half of his hair missing and was very shy and reserved..... up until the minute I walked out the front door with him. At that time he started licking me and talking to me. He sat beside me where ever I went. He followed me every where except into the bathroom where that horrible bathtub was that he hated so much.

He would play monster under the blanket with us. He would punce like a cat to attack our hands that were under the covers. He did what we now endearingly call the "kamikazi crawl" where he would drag himself forward draggin his back legs behind him. He loved to sit in this little baby pouch that I carried him everywhere in. He had his very own car seat that he would sit in and look out the window at the world around him as we drove.

With this dog there was never a need for q-tips. If you could get your face close enough to him he would launch a lick attack on your ears. He was always quiet in the house. But when we brought him out for his walks he wanted to let the world know he was there.

He got his name one day when he got out of the car at my moms house and I was gathering things in the car. I hear Kamikazi barking at something. I look up and see this full grown black lab running toward my little 5 lb dog. At that time we though the name Kamikazi fit him so well. It stuck. He even went after a horse one day.

He thought the world was his. We spoiled him so much. Anything he wanted ... he got. He had a little stuffed kitty that he would chew on. He thought he was so ferocious. He would toss the kitty up in the air and run after it.... finally he would settle with it in one place and just chew on it for hours. If you could manage to get it away from him it was a sopping wet pile of fabric.

He would sleep on my pillow next to my head during the summer and in the winter, he would burrow under the blankets to lay by my side. He was always very free with his kisses. Always the obiediant dog we would open the door to leave... and could walk outside with the door wide open, and he would wait for us to invite him to go along with him to go along with us before he would even take a step towards the door.

He was so pampered he was hand feed his kibble one peice at a time. We brought him on business trips and vacations. IF he was not welcome where we were going... we just would not go there.

We would bring him to the gym where my husband works and he would go from child to child launching a lick attack while they were doing their conditioning. Everybody loved him. It got to the point that the few times I showed up without him, people were asking about him and missing him. He became our unofficial team mascot.

Always the cuddle baby he was never far from me. If I was in the kitchen, he was on in the doorway waiting for me. If I was on the couch he would climb up me until I got the message he wanted to be held. When he played with us his growl sounded more like a rabid chipmunk than a dog.

He would eat anything that was not quick enough to get out of his way first. This was funny, but unfortunatley lead to his untimely death. He got into a garbage sack I had on the floor and ate some chicken bones. He was not symptomatic until almost 14 hours later. From the moment he showed signs of not being well... to the moment he passed away was only about 2 and one half hours. I only mention this so that other dog owners can learn from my mistake. If I had taken the extra one minute it would have taken to bring chicken bones outside to the trash Kamikazi would still be with me today. Please learn from my gross misjudgement and bring your dog to the vet immediately if they eat any cooked bones. It could really mean the difference between life and death

When he passed on yesterday it was much to early. Only being 4 years old he was robbed of so much time. He left this earth much too early and will be thought of daily for the rest of my life. He as like my child. He leaves behind a "sister" dog sibling, Cinnamon, and three cat siblings, Boots, Smokey and Tigger. His mommy and daddy miss him so much

He has left us with a huge part of our lives missing. Another dog may some day fill our home but could never take his place in my heart. I hope one day we will be reunited together to spend the rest of our lives just playing in the sun.

Sorry that i rambled on so long... Just want to remember every last thing about him from the feel of his fur ... to the sound of his voice. Even to the awful smell of his breath and the way he seemed to walk sideways like he was a car in serious need of an alignment. I only have two pictures of him since we adopted him. We always thought there would be more time. He left so suddenly. I feel so guilty and robbed.
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Praying all furbabies go to be with God when it is their time until we are with them again.
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post May 9 2005, 07:15 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
Posts: 9
Joined: 6-May 05
Member No.: 867

My furbaby: Felix
Born: approx. May 16, 2003 (I wish I could remember the exact date)
Died: May 3, 2005
Came into my life: the moment he was born.
Nicknames: Feel, Lex, Lixy, Felixity, Fatty, Belly, Feelybutts, Wix, etc.
Favorite activities: Playing fetch with his bouncy ball- the kind you get from the gumball machines (he bought it back to me every time!), sleeping next to me while I read in bed, laying in his spot at the top of the cat tree, having his belly rubbed, being brushed for long periods of time, chasing around his lil brother Eben.

When the kittens were born, I had no intention of keeping any them- I already had two cats, but Felix as a tiny little man used to crawl up onto my bed and snuggle next to me. How could I resist that? I absolutely fell in love with him and I was his mama from that day on.
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post May 16 2005, 09:22 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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LOVE, DENISE (muffins)

Hi I think it's great that there is a site like this. I thought at first I was going crazy. I would be just do simple little things then for no reason at all I just started crying and haven't stopped. I lost the the love of my life on April 15, 2005. His name was Boscoe. I was running him in an enclosed area and he climb under the fence and deceided to see what the commotion was at the end of the block. I was five minutes behind him. But by the time I got down there it was too late. They beaten with a 10ft metal pipe and cut his neck on the right with a snow shovel. At first I wasn't aware that anything was wrong. I saw him and he was standing by a house looking up at someone in a window. I called him he saw me he came at sat him self down on the corner around the fence and faced back toward the house that I couldn't see he had been hurt. I went to hook him up on the leash and thats when the blood had gotten all over my hand. He just smiled at me with look he always gave when he had done something wrong. I had his partner Zena with me. I hooked up on the fence and ran down the block screamming at he the top of my lungs Helpme Helpme someone just shot my dog. Finally someone came outside to see if they could assit me. I said call the police someone shot my dog. I need to get an ambulance for him he needs to go to the hospital. The police came , useless as always they refused to call anyone or any thing for me. Well my Boscoe was a brave boy . I turned and I looked at him, he was saying good bye to Zena Kissing her softly and then he got up and moved a few feet away for her. He was just laying there so patiently. I went over to him and knelt over him and prayed to Jesus to keep him safe. I love you I said : Well be together always petting him and loving on him he tried to stand up but he couldn't. He had suffered internal injuries and probally puntured his lung and had broken ribs and his right eye was popping out, and then he started gassping for air. I thought he was choking on his toque so I opened is mouth to clear and air way. But it was too late the blood started pouring out of nose. I told him again my loves you and well be together forever he wagged his tail fast and hard and then he was gone. I stood up with all the on lookers around me and the police doing nothing I sreamed what is the world coming to : To take the life of a helpless defenseless animal. Everyone ran into the homes. The next quite a few of the fells asked about him, but as always no-one knows anything about what happened. Well that's how the love of my life passed away. There hasn't been a moment or nothing where I haven't found my self just crying missing My beautiful boscoe baby. He was a mixed dog. That stole my heart. He ran on the street and survived for a year. Even made it through a long winter. What was he I'm not sure the vet to me he was a rott/shepherd mix. He had such a way about him. He loved life and wanted always have fun and run off the leash. I'll have write more about his personality later. But thank for letting me a have a place to tell my story. Tina

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post May 16 2005, 11:40 AM
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From: Maryland
Member No.: 375

My furbabies name: Buster
Date of Birth: February 2, 1989
Date he came home to his mommy: April 12, 1989
Date he left this earth: June 18, 2004
Nicknames (wow, he had a lot!): Buster Boo, punkin-wonkin, sweet pea baby, my big boy, shnuggies, lots more! He responed to them all!
He was such a part of me and I know that there will never be another "Buster" in my life. He was one of a kind and we really had a very special connection. He will live forever in my heart....
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My baby boy Buster - Forever a part of my heart....02/02/89 - 06/18/04

Max my sweet little soul - you filled our life with happiness....you fought the fight so you could be with us. Now it is your time to be at peace.....daddy and I miss you so much! 01/01/93 - 01/01/06
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post May 17 2005, 11:15 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Rochester, PA
Member No.: 889

My Furbaby's Name was Simon. I had him for 10 + years.
He weighed 16.8 pounds and I loved every inch of him.
He died May 2, 2005. My heart is still aching for him.
I really hope the poem "rainbow bridge" is true because
I can't wait to see him again someday.
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post May 24 2005, 03:24 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
Posts: 137
Joined: 7-March 05
Member No.: 749

My furbaby was a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Her name was Qorqui (pronounced like Corky)
Qorqui was born August 1st, 2003
She passed on March 2nd, 2005 (1 year 7 months old)
Her nicknames were: Baby Puppy, BeBe, Sweetie, Puppy, Dorkie, Dorkie Dog, Kiddo
Her favorite activities were chasing Shelby while Shelby chased the laser pointer, playing catch, any kind of rough-housing, and chill'in with Dad

Around Thanksgiving of 2003 our daughter decided to get her husband a puppy for Christmas. She was poking around the pet shops and spotted the funniest looking little bat-eared no tail puppy she'd ever seen. She knew that it wasn't the dog she was looking for, but couldn't resist taking me over there the next day to see it anyway. We talked with the folks in the shop about this funny little pup, learned that she was a Welsh Corgi like the Queen Mother raises, and had a visit with her in the play room where she pee'd on the floor from the excitement. Although I felt an immediate connection to this little one, we had just gotten a Sheltie puppy (Shelby) from the same shop for our son, our daughter was looking for more of a hunting dog, and we really weren't ready for another puppy so soon. So we thought that would be that.

The next day we needed to go in to the shop to pick up Shelby’s AKC papers and I thought I'd show my wife this funny looking puppy my daughter and I had seen the day before. Again, we did the play room thing and to my surprise, my wife couldn't leave the store without her.

For about a week we tried to figure out what to name her. We tried all the normal doggie names and nothing seemed to fit. Meanwhile little bat-ears was busy discovering the world with all the wonderment I'd ever seen. Everything was new and just had to be tasted. Right away she figured out how to "pick a fight" with Shelby then act like the innocent victim. She was a little trouble maker from the beginning, and she never did manage to work out that coordination thing. When she would run to jump on the bed, she could never get the timing right. She'd almost always run, jump, slam into the side of the bed, then back up and try it again until she made it. The best she ever got at it was two tries. When she would pick at Shelby, Shelby would chase her all over the house. When she needed a break, she'd stick her head under one of the dining room chairs and Shelby would instantly stop chasing her and wander around the house like she couldn't figure out where Qorqui went. All the while, Qorqui was in plain sight! We laughed until our sides hurt.

After calling her puppy for a week, we decided that we had to figure out a name for this "quirky" little thing. Hmmm... Quirky? Corky. Hmmm... Still too normal... Qorqui? That's it!

She was never big on taking orders. Even after obedience training she'd pretty much casually stroll on over when you called her... unless there was something special in it for her. She was the most independent dog I'd ever known. In fact, her attitude was more that of a cat than any other dog I'd ever met.

Although she was technically my wife’s dog, she attached to me, and I attached to her. She was my best friend and my comforter. She was always there when no one else was. Always ready with kisses or for a game of ball, or a wrestling match, or just lay around and watch TV.

Even though we had less than a year and a half together, our bond was the strongest I've ever felt. I know we were connected in a way that I will never feel again with another pet.

Bye for now BeBe, Daddy loves you and misses you! I hope and pray that we will be back together again some day.

Angel Qorqui, A black headed Tri-Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 1 Aug 2003 - 2 Mar 2005
My best friend and soul puppy. &nbsp;I miss you Sweetie.

Angel Tink, AKA "Woofie": ??? - 25 Mar 2006
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post May 31 2005, 05:26 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: New Mexico
Member No.: 536

My furbaby:
Name: Hobbie
Date of Birth: August 14, 1996
Died: May 30, 2005
Hobbie came into my life: August 14, 1996 - I was there when her mother, Wendy, gave birth to her
Favorite nicknames: Hobsen, Hobbie Lobbie, Hobelia, Hosomophelio, Hobert, Hobster, Pumpkin Angel
Her favorite activities: Stealing a variety of things like the rings off of milk jugs, pens, candy wrappers and then playing with them like they were the best kitty toy in the world. Sleeping at the foot of my bed. Curling up in my lap anytime I sat down. Talking to me with little half meows.
My favorite activites: Picking her up, holding her close, and feeling all my cares and worries melt away.
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Shiloh and Hobbie, you're both gone from my arms, but forever in my heart.

1999 - Sept. 17, 2004

Aug. 14, 1996 - May 30, 2005
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