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11 Jun 2010


Well, Bailie's surgery went well. there were some complications. But she has a great surgeon & I put all my faith in his hands. She definitely hasto have the other ear done. So she will be totally deaf. The vet thinks that she had this condition since birth. But even though she won't be able to hear me, she will always have my arms around her to tell her how loved she is. Can't wait for her to get home. I want her to come hme when the vet feels she is ready. Because coming home too early might mean having to bring her back if problems arise.
But she will have all the TLC I can give her. Taking some time off from work to spoil her rotten.

I want to thank each & every one of you swho read my story. And thanks for the thoughts & prayers.

Thank-you again
Bailie's Mom
10 Jun 2010

My name is Felicia. Last year on 6/24, I lost my very best friend. Her name was Brittany. She was a Springer Spaniel. She was the lite of my life. We did everything together. Took vacations together, went to the doggy park or just went for car rides. But the day came that I had to send her over to the Rainbow Bridge. I know it's going to be a yr., but the pain is still there. I can still see her eyes close as she went to her final journey. I never thought that I could find someone to replace her. And that didn't happen. But 6 mos. ago, on Christmas Eve, I knew that she wanted me to go to the local shelter to have someone to share Christmas with.

And there she was. My special Bailie......And to make matters even more special, it was her 2nd birthday that day. She's an American ##er Spaniel, b/w.......Her markings are absolutely gorgeous. Don't know her history, but she's very protective. But once she warms up to you, she's your friend for life. But 4 days after I got her, I had to take her to the vet. She just woke up out of a sound sleep & her legs were stiff & she was so stiff. I first thought it was Lyme Disease. But they checked her for that. It came back negative. But what she was having was a seizure. She has Epilepsy. It was a new experince for me. But I've worked with her vet to get her regulated on medications. And now 6 mos. later, her seizures aren't that frequent & their not that severe. But the meds do make her sleepy. But she still wants to go for walks & rides.
But now this Thurs (6/10) she has to have surgery. She needs to have her right ear c&%^ removed. She has a g rowth covering the hole to her ear c&%^. So she'll be deaf in that ear. And eventually the other ear will need to be done. So right now, I'm a wreck. Not only that she'll be deaf in that ear, but for the surgery itself because of her being epileptic. But she'll be in ICU & on Seizure watch. I just can't understand how one sweet dog can go thru so much in her short time on earth. But we'll get thru it. And the financial stand point is another issue. But I would give up everything for her. I know that my Brittany brough me there that particular day so that Bailie wouldn't spend her birthday alone. I've been on this web site before with my story about Brittany. So I just wanted to up-date my new addition.
And ask that whoever reads this, please pray that Bailie comes thru everything. I can't lose another one so soon. She is the light of my life. I know that God sent her to me for a reason. To bring joy in my life.

Worried & frantic
22 Jul 2009
Dear Brittany:
It was 1 month ago today that I had to say good-bye. Holding your face while I sent you to the angels was the hardest thing I ever had to do. They say time heals, but I don't think anything will repair the huge hole that in my heart....
Everywhere i go, I turn around to see if your right behind me, but you're not. I open the door & can't wait to see you standing behind it wagging your tail waiting for your morning walk, but you're not there. I wake up in the middle of the night to make sure that your ok.....but you're not there.
Mt life had meaning when you were in it. But now, it's just an ordinary day.......filled with nothing. I feel that I just do the basic things to get by......Nothing has any meaning to it anymore.
Sure I go thru the motions of daily life, but it means nothing to me anymore. You were such an important part of my life, heck, you were my life........Just you & me.

Now you're there with the angels, pain free.......But the hole in my heart will never be filled. When you licked my face on that morning, I knew you were telling me good-bye....And when you were licking my tears, it helped.....
But now all I have are pictures to comfort me. I know that it should ease my mind that you are now pain free, but my heart can't quite grasp that concept yet. I know that you're running around pain free playing with all the other animals.

Just remember how much I loved you. And I would do anything if I could have you back again. Laying beside me or begging for one of your rawhide treats.
You were the BEST!!!!!!
Thank-you for giving me the best 12 1/2 yrs. of your life. You were truly "woman's best friend"

Your forever mom sad.gif

10 Jul 2009
I finally was able to post a picture of Brittany with my site. Hope you all enjoy her pic.

8 Jul 2009
Dear Brittany:
2 weeks have passed since that heart breaking day I had to make the most difficult decision of my life. And the pain is so overwhelming.....Each day I come home from work to an empty apt. You used to always be there waiting for your breakfast & your walk....But now there's nothing..
I hope that you are happy.....Playing with Brody & trying to get treats & "belly rubs" from Grandma & Grandpa........I know that their so happy that you are with them....But my heart is breaking, not being able to see or touch you......
I still talk to you every day thinking you're right behind me.....but you're not....I still make meals enough for me & you, knowing that you'll be there looking for scraps...... but your not. I still wake up in the middle of the night to see where you're sleeping.....but you're not there.

I know that you're not suffering any more, and that should comfort me......but it doesn't. I wish I was selfish & kept you with me for a while longer.......But that last day when you couldn't even come to me, & just looked up at me with those big brown eyes I knew it was time.......
For you, but certainly not for me.......I know that you're watching over me, so you know all the pain that my heart feels. sad.gif
Be happy Britt
I love you & miss you with all my heart.
Love your mom
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