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> Remembering "nevada Nickels", "One Cool Cat!"
post Nov 8 2008, 12:26 AM
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I'm going to change Nickels photo out to the updated one. It's kind of like walking across quicksand. I had talked to someone that had a memorial for "Charlie the Wonder Cat". I left a token on it then they asked about Nickels. I can't believe it's so hard to talk about him over 2 years after he left. So I quickly copied and pasted the text from LS and put his memorial together. I'm mastering "not thinking" about painful memories.

My computer crashed big time last week. Thank God I put all my photos on CD's but now I've lost my photo program and had to go out and buy another one tonite. Dang! I'm a child of the 50's and had finally figured out the basics of the old one!!

I've been spending too much time on Find A Grave. It's taking me about 3 hours a day responding to people and leaving tokens on their memorials. I average 7 emails a morning when I check my emails. Then another 5 or six during the day. Wonderful people. It's facinating to read about their families, history, and we have fun on the forums talking about all sorts of things unrelated to loss. I plan to go out and do%%ent a cememtery outside of Tulsa where my first Husband, my Sons Dad, is buried. It's peaceful walking through a cememtery and I feel like I'm walking with God, and have sorted out a lot of feelings of loss that I have gone through over the past couple of years. The monuments are fascinating and I can find people in other parts of the world or country that need to have their loved ones graves photographed posted at Find a Grave. The way I found this site was, I typed in my Dad's name on the internet and up popped his grave stone way out in California.

YOU HAVE TO PUT ALEX'S MEMORIAL UP!! It's completely free and the emotional support is wonderful. One thing I have learned is that it helps other people too. Alex will steal hearts and bring such joy to so many people! I can tell you how to list him on the virtual stroll. I just added Nickels tonite and already have had several people leaving tokens. Also click on different people's links and look at their virtual cemetaries. I created one called "characters". These people led some interesting lives!

Dottie, Your An ANGEL!! I can't tell you how wonderful you are. I'm sure that you have met Jon on LS. If you havn't checked out Iggy's thread on new beginnings, you must. It's a hoot what he does with Iggy's pictures. You are both so talented and help us all with our loss. For some reason I have a worse time handling the loss of an animal rather than the loss of a person. The animal losses just T-E-A-R M-E U-P!!! I still cannot watch Animal Planet when they feature stories of abuse and neglect. Heck, I can barely handle that commercial when Sarah McGlocklin (SP?) is singing about all the unloved, unwanted, and abused animal.

Dottie, THANK YOU!! Nickels Tribute would not have the same feeling without your artwork. He was a fun loving, jokester. I want people to remember his happy side and you brought it out like no one else could. My Husband yelled, "She caught his soul!!" Know Nickels is watching over Alex. Nickels loved any animal that wanted to be his buddy and they are flying around Heaven having the best time. Alex in his tux and Nickels in his shades. What a pair!

Love YOU!!


Nickels a.k.a Pickels
7-6-94 to 8-28-06
I have loved you forever!

Nickels story
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post Nov 8 2008, 02:37 PM
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Hi Michelle! I registered and am a member there now. Yay! Errr ... As for putting up a Tribute to Alex, I know all I'd love to say and what photo to use but I'm dumber than a bag of rocks regarding how and where to place it. Could you please tell me and ... Please talk to me like I'm five years old. Oy. Thanks, Sweetie!

I got your PM. Awww! Such beautiful blue eyes! Well, as Jean Luc Picard always say in Star Trek Generations, we will "Make It So!" Here's what I've done so far, can do, want you to tell me ... Oh, it is New and Improved text placement and ... Well, it's all typed up below and here ya go ...

I have this in save so it will just take a moment to change shade of background to lighter or darker blue ...


See? This is a light blue but you may prefer a dark blue background with light blue test


Got this in save, too as well as the top one so can change background color, text color as well as line up the text in actual sentences. Looks really uniform and ... Oooooo!!! See how much better the text looks when in sentences and not just typed out like one long phrase? Nickels is singing each line. Cool Beans!


Got this in save to work with also if you do like that shade of blue and would love Nickels saying something else. Then I can do a crop and frame. Oh, the reason I need to put a frame around Nickels before inserting the background color of your choice is if I don't then that background will spill into Nickel's photograph and some of him will turn blue. Arg. I'm so glad I found that out ...


I also found out that you had better do the outer frame BEFORE adding any text or look what happens. Ewww. The text isn't sharp, looks all sloppy, the text isn't sharp nor clear and just ain't what Cool Shade Wearing Boogie Nickels is saying. He can talk a lot better than this. Grin! See below to show you what I mean happens when you put in the text BEFORE you frame Nickels


And now ... Two versions. One bigger and I reduced that same one in case you wish it less big and can reduce it again even a bit smaller. My pleasure, Hon! Here's Nickels singing in his beautiful blue eye color. Oh, but remember to let me know what you prefer as I asked at the top. Okay? Okay. Ready? Hit it, Nickels!



Love you and Nevada Nickels Pickles so much!!!

Tons of Hugs and Love!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Dottie xoxoxox
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