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8 Aug 2012
Hi Old Friends and New--

I would not have believed this possible--that I would be posting again in this section so soon after my last posting here--but now the "better half" of Lilly and Willy is missing, and it's the same situation that occurred to cause my beloved Leopold to take flight a bit over a year ago! She has been gone for five days now, and I do not have good feelings about it, based on the fact that Leopold, also a Bengal cat, never did return home…

A new neighbor moved in with two dogs that chase cats. She has been having trouble managing these dogs, in that they refuse to stay in the fenced yard that is available to them—so she has tied them up in the tiny front yard that we share. When last seen, Lilly was being rushed and growled and barked at by two hungry dogs at the literal ends of their ropes, and she turned and high-tailed it outta here in a hurry. The dogs are still in the front yard, despite my protests, and Lilly is still gone. If she did have the courage to return, she would be confronted by these two mongrels that are still there; thus, she would be frightened all over again. Their owner is not flexible about this, and I don’t know what to do…

All I know for sure is that my beloved Lillyput is gone, I am grieving, and poor Willy is grieving even more than I am. They are littermates, so were born and raised together and have never been apart. This is just so DAMNED SAD I can hardly stand it.

Couple that with the fact that I am waiting right this very moment for the world’s worst manager to come and fire me from my part-time job, and you have one very sad Margi/Ladywolf. (My job-sharer friend Joan was axed yesterday, so surely my head is going to roll today too…[later…it did]) These situations have caused my old ulcer to flare up, and I am basically a mess!

Yes, I have put up posters, and gone around the neighborhood calling and searching, and called animal control, and all the regular stuff one does in this kind of situation—but to no avail. Because of someone else’s dogs, my heart gets to be broken all over again. God DAMN it!

Thanks for listening to all of this. Old friends, I have missed you—new friends, I have yet to meet you, but look forward to it. I just can’t be here very often anymore—there is too much pain floating around here for me to take, and I am sorry for that. But I have to take care of myself too…

Big Hugs from Margi/Ladywolf
22 Jun 2012
Hi Old friends and new...

My beloved Ladywolf passed over two years ago now, and Poppers about 2 and 1/2. I could not have made it through the whole process without your help and kindness and friendship. MUCH LOVE to all of you!

Now my immediate next-door neighbor, and best friend Mark is dying of AIDS, and I am flailing around all over the internet trying to find a HUMAN loss support group/chatroom to join--with no success, so far. I joined one HIV/AIDS room, but they will not talk about death at all. I feel sorry for them...

Does anyone know of a good site to go to for the loss of humans? Which DOES happen on occasion?

I send very big hugs. I have become very involved with a depression/bipolar chatroom in the past two years, and hence have not been here much at all, but I think of many of you often, and I wish you so much love and so many blessings!

Ladywolf, Lilyput, and Willypuss

16 Jun 2011
Sir Leopold the Terrible would seem to be dining daily at the home of some people in my approximate neighborhood who have 9 dogs, 24 cats, 10 birds and a turtle! (They run a small-scale rescue operation, and the animals are extraordinarily well cared for.)

I haven't been able to actually see him yet, but they have seen my pictures and I have seen one that they took, and it certainly seems to be Leopold. Today I went up for the second time at his feeding time, and the little booger didn't show up, yet again. But he is living there quite stably and consistently--heck, so would I--so timing is not critical. They are going to try to get hold of a live trap and capture the little devil when they know that I am going to be around and reachable...

Meanwhile, I have a house full of kittens, who may not be prepared to have The Boss move back in, but that's their tough luck. There's no guarantee that Leo will stick around this time either, but it's certainly worth a try. I hadn't planned on raising Bengal cats, but that's what I'll be doing if they can all manage somehow to get along. Leopold is so assuredly The Boss that the kittens will just have to supplicate themselves to him and kiss his feet!

I am both very excited and apprehensive at the same time, as I don't know exactly what is going to happen around here in the next few days...

But, if nothing else, I am pretty sure that Leo is safe, and eating and drinking well.

Wish me luck, and thanks for all your support!!

Margi, Lily, and Willy
2 May 2011
Sigh. Just as I was learning to love the little dickens ALMOST as much as I loved Ladywolf and Poppers, he has disappeared. It's only been four days, but he was a homeboy. An outdoor cat in charge of maintaining order in the "hood", but he never left his own and the neighbors' properties.

The empty feeling is indescribable; i'm sure others in this section have done a far better job that I would. In fact, I who had so many words when Poppers and then Ladywolf were dying, don't even know what to say now. I feel like my heart is lying in a gutter somewhere, just tossed away.

This is very, very hard. I just lost Ladywolf last June. Words of comfort and encouragement will be much appreciated. By the way, Leopold was neutered months ago now.

Love to everyone--Margi/Ladywolf
1 Apr 2011
Oh, my, here I am again, months after my loss of my beloved Ladywolf and Poppers, my labradog. Loss and grief are ongoing processes, aren't they--they seem to hit us repeatedly, often just as we are just beginning to get over the last one? I haven't been here in months now, because I wanted to continue to move beyond grieving and more into living after Ladywolf died, but we've been "hit" again.

Leopold is the Bengal kitty I took in after Ladywolf left me last June. He was (and is still) a wild thang, rambunctious and a bit hypomanic, but totally lovable. What made Leopold tolerable to live with was that my close friend and neighbor Mark took in Ginger at about the same time that I took in Leopold, and they fell madly in love with each other and began to spend twelve hours a day together "working out." They'd get most of their wildness out with each other, so that by the time evening rolled around, they were both very satisfied, somewhat calmed down kitties. They became like an old married couple too, as in Shirley's sad story below mine--a matched pair of wild thangs.

Well, a week ago, Ginger suddenly became violently ill and just...died. She was only about one year old; it was shocking to all of us, and especially to Leopold, whose whole life changed with Ginger's death. He's deeply confused and keeps crying for her, as do I. We simply can't believe that she is gone from all of our lives now.

I don't have much time or would write more, but that the gist of it. Here today and gone tomorrow, just like that. I strongly felt the need to touch in here again, to tell this sad little story, to make contact with you wonderful folks, old friends and new, and to honor Ginger's Spirit and Leopold's loss, as well as Mark's and mine.

Much Love from Margi, Spiritwolf, Leopold and SpiritGinger
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hi ladywolf, just entered chat exactly as you left. oh well. i left a comment on your blog. i'm sorry you've been feeling particularly lousy lately. take care
25 Jun 2010 - 22:16
blindsided too.....
There are no words, are there... so glad for the free joyful spirits of Ladywolf and Sweet Pea, but for those left behind? No words. Just understanding {{{hugs}}}.
3 Jun 2010 - 22:08

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